Green eCommerce – 2 Simple Steps Entrepreneurs Can Take to Go Green

Green Ecommerce

Green ecommerce, or eco-friendly ecommerce, refers to the practice of selling products online using methods that limit the impact on the environment.

Lately, there has been a huge focus from consumers and business leaders on sustainability.

Online stores can use this opportunity to offer greener choices to shoppers while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprints.  

Here are two steps that any online store can take to go green.

Green Ecommerce - Go Green With 2 Simple Steps

1. Reduce Your Website's Carbon Footprint 

Did you know that the internet produces almost as much pollution as the airline industry? 

There are over 1 billion websites and they are all hosted on servers.

Whenever someone connects to the internet, multiple servers are used to aid that connection.

Servers are powered by fossil fuels and consume tons of energy. Additionally, these servers need to be physically cooled which requires even more electricity.

Internet Carbon Footprint
IInternet Green House Gases

You can help fix the problem by using a green web host.

Green Web Host

A green web host purchases renewable energy credits (such as wind or solar energy) to offset the energy used by your website. This reduces your website’s carbon footprint, making it carbon neutral or even carbon negative.

If you use a green web hosting company, then you and your business have automatically helped the environment.

Switching to a green web host is simple because it is all done online.

The best green web host that we know if is called Green Geeks

Green Geeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks hosts your website in an eco-friendly manner by buying renewable energy credits (wind energy specifically) to replace the energy used by their servers.

They buy back 3x the amount of energy they use which automatically makes your website carbon negative.

It only costs $2.95 per month and has dedicated specialists that will transfer your site for free.

As shown below, the company hosts over 500,000 websites and has won numerous awards.

Green eCommerce
Best Green Web Host

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2. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Environmentally friendly shipping is a large part of green ecommerce. 

There are some great videos on Youtube where business owners describe which materials they use to ship items in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

As you can see, this business owner was able to find brands and companies that aligned with her values.

Every business owner will have to decide what works best for them based on their unique needs.

Analyzing the strategies that others use as well as going for “quick wins” like the options below could help.

Eco-Friendly Packaging - Quick Wins

Use Biodegradable Materials Whenever Possible

Biodegradable Mailers

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Most packaging material (e.g., boxes, bubble-wrap, packing peanuts) is non-biodegradable. Instead of breaking down completely overtime, these items break into tiny pieces that stay in the environment for hundreds of years. 

For instance, it is estimated that Styrofoam takes up to 500 years to decompose

Read more about the environmental impact of Styrofoam

Use Packaging Made From Recycled Materials Whenever Possible

Using packaging, such as boxes, made from recycled material can also help the environment because new resources weren’t used to make the items.

For example, boxes made from recycled materials are also available on Amazon.

Use Smaller Containers if Possible

If changing the types of materials is not possible, then perhaps being diligent about using smaller containers and less material in order to cut down on waste is a solution.

Providing eco-friendly packaging is another way your customers will know that you are committed to limiting your environmental impact.

The goal of running a green ecommerce business is attainable.

An important starting point is figuring out the small tweaks and changes that can be made today.

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