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Software Licensing: Why It’s Important and 4 Ways It Can Help You

Software Licensing

Software licensing helps protect the customer and the software company. Using unlicensed software can expose you to cybersecurity risks, costing you time and money. Not to mention it is illegal. However, we still see people taking the risk and using it anyways. It is estimated that at least 37 percent of software installed on personal computers is […]

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6 Easy Ways to Create a Paperless Office Today

A paperless office can benefit individuals, companies, and the environment. Although it might seem difficult, the benefits of a paperless office outweigh the costs. Especially when it comes to the helping the environment and saving money.  Here are 6 easy ways anyone can use to create a paperless office today. Plus, tips and resources to get you […]

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5 Places Where You Can Sell Used Industrial Equipment

Whether you have one machine or an entire plant, you can sell used industrial equipment for cash today. The key is finding the right buyer and the best price.  Here are 5 places where you can sell used industrial equipment today. Plus, tips and resources to get you started and a special offer to save money!5 Places […]

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10 of the UK’s Most Sustainable Big Businesses

most sustainable big business uk

Sustainable business is relevant to all of us. It is important to shop at businesses that value sustainability and do their best to help the environment.  Below is a list of the most sustainable big businesses in the UK. See how the pros approach sustainability and corporate social responsibility and help the planet by making the […]

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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption for Your Business


Every business can benefit from using less energy to save money and help the planet. Your monthly bills will decrease, and your customers will appreciate your focus on sustainability. Here are 7 easy ways to reduce energy consumption and save money, plus tips and resources to get you started! These tips are applicable to all […]

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Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Pallet Wrapping Machine

invest in a pallet wrapping machine

A pallet wrapping machine will save you time and money! It might be the most important investment you make. Here are the top 5 reasons to invest in a pallet machine and a list of the best ones you can easily buy online!  Table of Contents Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Pallet Wrapping Machine1. Reduce Material […]

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Green Distribution – 14 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain


Distribution channels are an important part of society. They move products from the producer to the consumer. Companies can use green distribution methods to reduce emissions and decrease their carbon footprint. Here are 14 ways to improve your supply chain through green distribution. And check out the special discount below for our readers! Table of Contents […]

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7 Residential Business Trends To Watch

residential business industry trends 2019

The residential business industry is growing, with more residents demanding housing every month. If you’re thinking of going into this line of business yourself, here are a few trends to keep in mind. Residential Business Industry Trends 1. More Demand, Limited Supply Since almost everyone wants to settle down and have kids, the population in […]

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How The Finance Industry Is Changing

Finance Industry Trends 2019

Like every other industry out there, the rules have changed for the finance industry. Big data and technology have transformed how we live, work, and do business, and finance is no exception. For upcoming or recent graduates looking to break into finance, there’s a lot to be optimistic about. Finance still has low unemployment compared […]

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How To Efficiently And Sustainably Scale Your Business


Starting a business is a dream come true for business owners. But when it comes time to start scaling a business, owners can run into many stressful situations. In fact, a survey conducted by Genome on over 3,200 startups indicated that 74 percent fail due to premature scaling. Fortunately, among the vast array of items […]

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