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5 Places Where You Can Sell Used Industrial Equipment

Whether you have one machine or an entire plant, you can sell used industrial equipment for cash. The key is finding the right buyer and the best price.  Here are 5 places where you can sell used industrial equipment today. 5 Places to Sell Used Industrial Equipment1. Industrial Equipment DealersSelling to a dealer is often the fastest and […]

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7 Residential Business Trends To Watch In 2019

residential business industry trends 2019

The residential business industry is growing, with more residents demanding housing every month. If you’re thinking of going into this line of business yourself, here are a few trends to keep in mind. Residential Business Industry Trends 2019 1. More Demand, Limited Supply Since almost everyone wants to settle down and have kids, the population […]

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How The Finance Industry Is Changing In 2019 And Beyond

Finance Industry Trends 2019

Like every other industry out there, the rules have changed for the finance industry. Big data and technology have transformed how we live, work, and do business, and finance is no exception. For upcoming or recent graduates looking to break into finance, there’s a lot to be optimistic about. Finance still has low unemployment compared […]

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Don’t Start a New Business Without These 7 Vital Types of Insurance

types of business insurance

From the moment you open a new business, you’re opening up to endless risks. The business can fail within the first few months; more than 4 in 5 new businesses do. You could also encounter a fire or flood that brings down the entire premise and / or destroys your goods or equipment. Getting the […]

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How To Efficiently And Sustainably Scale Your Business


Starting a business is a dream come true for business owners. But when it comes time to start scaling a business, owners can run into many stressful situations. In fact, a survey conducted by Genome on over 3,200 startups indicated that 74 percent fail due to premature scaling. Fortunately, among the vast array of items […]

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The Fastest Growing South African Insurance Companies


The notable growth of insurance companies in South Africa has been attributed to a whole range of factors, from the innovation of millennials beginning to infiltrate companies, to the increasing economic development of the nation of South Africa as a whole. When it comes to getting insured, it is always best to shop around for […]

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6 Tips For Picking The Right Courier Service In The UK


Courier companies provide an invaluable service to individuals as well as to businesses and indeed the demand for courier services has seen a great number of businesses that offer as much spring up over the years. Unfortunately with so many courier companies and services available in the market it can be difficult to choose the […]

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7 Tips To Successfully Run A Family Business


Running a family business can be a rewarding and enriching experience that puts a legacy into place to secure a stable financial future for the generations to come. However, it can also be tricky to navigate and manage different personalities who might see you as a family member instead of a boss or co-worker which […]

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Effective Ways To Reduce Your Business Energy Usage


No matter the size of your business, you stand to benefit in the long haul if you take the time to monitor energy usage and assess how your electricity, gas and water usage can be reduced in your office environment. Reducing your energy usage will not only save you money by lowering your overhead utility […]

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7 Tips For Efficient Business Travel


It may seem that people who travel for business truly live the good life. They get to experience destinations all around the world, eat delicious food, and lounge by the pool. This is one of the best ways to be on the job, right? In most cases, this isn’t true. People who travel for business […]

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