5 Easy Tips To Help Keep The Environment Clean

Keep the Environment Clean

The health of our planet depends on each of us doing our part to keep the environment clean. It is important for individuals and businesses to take steps to protect our planet. Below are some tips and products, offered by our affiliate partners, that anyone can use to do their part!

5 Tips to Help Keep the Environment Clean - Plus a Bonus!

1. Use Less Paper

Did you know that the average office worker generates about 2 pounds of paper waste every day? Fortunately, today's technology can help us use less paper. 

Share materials electronically whenever possible. If you have to print, go green by purchasing recycled printer paper and remember to always print double sided. 

Take it one step further and use paperless notebooks to take notes.

Notebooks are often discarded and have pages that go unused. Furthermore, it can be hard to sort through your notes and find exactly what you need.

Some people have had success with the Rocketbook which is a wired notebook that is erasable and reusable.

It looks and feels like a regular notebook, but is an environmentally friendly alternative. 

Paperless Notebook
Paperless Notebook

It can even store your notes in Google Drive, One Note and Drop Box. 

Ready to try it for yourself?

Rocketbook is available on Amazon. There are a ton of success stories and it is one of our favorite products. 

2. Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Reducing your energy consumption can help keep the environment clean while benefiting you personally. For example, using less electricity can decrease your electric bill which saves you money. It also decreases the amount of CO2 that you generate and puts less demand on the energy grid.

A simple way to reduce your energy consumption is by turning off the lights when you are not in a room. If you have windows in your home or apartment then try utilizing those for natural light instead of relying on electricity.

Get Rid of Vampire Energy

Another way to reduce your energy consumption is to eliminate something called "vampire energy". Check out the infographic below from Payless Power.

Keep the Environment Clean

Vampire energy is the energy that electronic devices use when they are plugged in unnecessarily (either because they are turned off or aren't in use). Everything that is plugged draws energy from the grid and costs you money.  It also puts unnecessary stress on the environment.

To help keep the environment clean, you can start by unplugging electronic devices that aren't in use. This could mean unplugging things like your cell phone, laptop, coffee machine, microwave, television or printer.

If unplugging your devices manually is too difficult, it might be helpful to set up your electronics so that they turn themselves off. 

Automate Your Energy Savings

Homes, businesses and offices can automatically save energy by using smart plugs. Smart plugs can be easily programmed to turn off devices such as lights, fans and appliances automatically in order to save energy and money. Most smart plugs allow you to control your devices from anywhere using an app on your phone.

Vampire EnergyVampire Energy

Use Energy Efficient Products

Another way to reduce your energy consumption is to use energy efficient products.

The light bulbs in your home or office are a great place to start. Energy efficient light bulbs are extremely affordable and some light bulbs can be controlled by Alexa or similar devices.

Other energy efficient products that you can explore using include windows, refrigerators, washers & dryers and air conditioning units.

3. Avoid Single Use Plastics

Single use plastics such as water bottles and disposable bags hurt the environment by polluting the earth's land and water.

Use Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Did you know that in the United States, 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown into landfills everyday?

Carrying a reusable water bottle is an easy and inexpensive way to help the environment. In fact, buying a reusable water bottle can bring you one step closer to a zero waste lifestyle.

Below are some options for reusable water bottles. 

Offices might have success by removing all single use cups from the break room or cafeteria areas. Employees will start bringing their own reusable bottles and mugs rather than go thirsty.

Use Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Using eco-friendly bags to carry lunch, groceries and store items can help keep the environment clean as well. Some examples are below.

Grab everyone's attention with these stylish patterns! This tote bag includes a metal handle to make it easier to carry large items such as groceries. Folds down to the size of a wallet!

Easily carry all of your belongings with these unique see through nylon bags. Great for produce. They close up with one easy pull of the drawstring!

4. Recycle Waste Products

Most people are familiar with recycling, but not everyone fully understands the impact it has on our planet.  

Recycling takes an old object that has been discarded and makes it into a new one that can be used again. This saves resources and prevents pollution.

Placing the appropriate items in the recycling bin is a small action that has a big impact. The Environmental Protection Agency’s  infographic below is a helpful guide on which items are recyclable.

Keep the Environment Clean

How to Recycle Effectively

Start by having the appropriate waste collection bins in your home and office. Fortunately, recycling bins are inexpensive and don’t have to take up a lot of space.

For instance, there are recycling bins that are light-weight and collapsible which makes them easy to use. 

Recycling BinsCollapsible Recycling Bins

Once you have the correct bins available, it is just a matter of getting people to use them.

In your household you could encourage your family members or roommates to recycle at meal times. It is important to make this a daily habit so that it becomes muscle memory.

For young children it can be helpful to praise the action when you seem them utilizing the recycling bin. For older kids and adults it can help to explain the impacts of recycling and describe how it hurts the planet when we don’t recycle.

This short, family friendly, video below could be helpful.

Provide Clear Instructions

For businesses and offices, it might take a little more coaxing to encourage people to help keep the environment clean through recycling.

According to Stanford University, people are more likely to recycle if there are clear instructions on how to do it along with an urgent message that describes the negative consequences of not recycling.

An example of helpful instructions and messages that you can print out for your employees or co-workers are below. It might be useful to place these above the trash can and recycling bins to spur people to recycle.

Keep the Environment Clean
Keep the Environment Clean
Keep the Environment Clean

5. Make Your Commute Eco-Friendly

Millions of people commute to and from work each day. This means thousands of cars on the road causing large amounts of pollution.

Commuting is a necessary part of life. However, there are some options that individuals can try that could decrease their environmental impact and help keep the environment clean.


For instance, it might make sense to carpool with family, friends or co-workers. That way, there is only one car on the road instead of three or four.

A lot of couples or family members use this method if their jobs are relatively close together. Instead of taking two cars, they opt to take one car and drop the person off on their way to their own job and pick them up at the end of the day.

Many ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have carpool options as well.

Public Transportation

Another potential option is to use public transportation. This is an easy option for people that live in large cities with robust train systems. A lot of cities also have bus lines or lightrails that aid in commuting in an environmentally friendly manner.

Some people have found success biking or even skateboarding to work as they combine their commuting time with their exercise time.

The most important thing is figuring out what works best for you, your job and and your family.

*Bonus Tip* 

6. Use Bamboo Products!

Try reaching for products made of bamboo instead of traditional plastic or paper. 

  • Bamboo Toothbrushes are biodegradable and don't use any plastic!
  • Bamboo Paper products are carbon free and don't hurt trees!

Comment below and let us know how you keep the environment clean!

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