5 Tips To Help You Keep The Environment Clean


We all know that global warming is happening and is one of the major issues affecting our planet. It’s time to stop ignoring the rising sea levels, masses of greenhouse gases and start doing something about it.

If you or your company are wanting to decrease your carbon footprint, help the environment and improve your global awareness then read on:

Where to start?

Before you do anything else you should spend some time putting in place a scheme that can help you monitor the amount of emissions you company is creating.

This is important to understand how much work you have to do, what goals you can set and how you can start to improve your impact on the environment.

Put in place an environmental management system with the help of a company like Envirodat which can monitor stack emissions, environment noise and a number of other things.

We have also put together 5 tips to help you kick start your journey towards a lesser carbon footprint:

1. Recycle Waste Products

Recycling really is the future. It is taking something old and rubbish and making it into something new. It is a useful part of saving the environment because if it is done well enough you can create products that will be used again.

Start by having a paper, tin can and plastic bottle bin in your office which you can aim to fill. This means you are not unnecessarily throwing away bottles or paper when you do not need to.

Read our 7 tips to implementing a recycling system in our company.

2. Reduce Your Use Of Electrical Appliances

Charging your phone all day might seem like the right thing to do but having a plug turned on 24hours a day is harmful to the environment. All the electricity you need to charge your phone has to come from somewhere.

Start by turning off the lights when you leave the room and making sure you turn plugs off at the mains before you go home at the end of the day.

See these sustainable lighting solutions.

3. Try a Different Method of Transport

Millions of people commute to and from work each day. This means thousands of cars on the road causing lots and lots of pollution.

Instead of taking the car to work every day you could do a number of different things to help the environment. You could carpool making sure you have a full car which means 4 or 5 cars aren’t on the road.

You can try cycling to work, walking or even roller skating. All these options are great and make sure there is no impact on the environment.

4. Eat Less Meat

You don’t have to become a full vegetarian anytime soon or start eating nothing but blades of grass but it would be worthwhile to cut down on your intake of meat.

This can really help the environment because it means that less energy, space, time and water is used to rear the animals. It can also help reduce the amount of methane gas produced by the animals which adds to the greenhouse gases in the air.

5. Buy Eco-friendly Products

There are a range of products out there that claim to be organic but are they really? The best way you and your business can help is to choose products that are eco-friendly, with less or recyclable packaging and free of harmful chemicals.

This means less toxic chemicals, less unrecyclable packaging and less waste.

Once you have read through these top tips, all that is left to do is contact a sustainability consultancy like Envirodat and start saving the planet, one emission at a time!

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Taylor Bishop says April 26, 2019

I wanted to thank you for going over some tips to have a clean environment. I’m glad you mentioned that you should try to change how you commute to work, like by carpooling or by cycling. It sounds important to think about what transportation options that are available to you, so you can figure out which one you can do to help protect the environment.

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