5 Places Where You Can Sell Used Industrial Equipment

Whether you have one machine or an entire plant, you can sell used industrial equipment for cash.

The key is finding the right buyer and the best price. 

Here are 5 places where you can sell used industrial equipment today. Plus tips and resources to get you started!

5 Places to Sell Used Industrial Equipment

1. Industrial Equipment Dealers

Selling to a dealer is often the fastest and easiest way to sell used industrial equipment.  

Industrial Equipment Dealers are companies that specialize in selling used and new industrial equipment. They have years of experience and know how to value equipment to obtain the best price. Additionally, they have large networks that can reach the best buyers. 

Here is a list of Industrial Equipment Dealers that we reviewed and rated. 



Best For

Learn More

Aaron Equipment Company - Sell Used Industrial Equipment

Multiple Selling Options and Easy to Use

Kempler Industries

Free Guide and A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

Machines Used

Trade-ins and Appraisals

Aaron Equipment Company

Experienced and Dedicated Support Staff

Aaron has been in business since 1935 and is dedicated to buying and selling process equipment. They have a sales and support staff of over 50 people. 

4 Selling Options

Aaron offers 4 options for selling equipment. 

  1. Direct Purchase - Aaron can buy your used equipment directly 
  2. Consignment - Aaron can list your used equipment, sell it and split the profit
  3. Listing - Aaron can assign a listing agent to work with you and list your used equipment on their website as if it was their own inventory
  4. Auction - Aaron has their own online auction site where they can list your equipment
Sell Used Industrial Equipment - Aaron Equipment Company

Kempler Industries

Free Guide on How to Sell Used Industrial Equipment

This is a 3rd generation family-owned used machinery dealer with over 50 years of experience. They have one of the largest used machinery inventories in the world and are always looking to buy more. 

They often buy used equipment from individuals. For this reason, Kempler offers a free guide on how to sell used industrial equipment.

Additionally, their website offers multiple selling options. They even have a dedicated buying department with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Kempler Industries - Sell Used Industrial Equipment

3 Selling Options

  1. Direct Purchase - Sell your used equipment directly to Kempler. They buy fabricating equipment, metalworking machinery, machine tools and more.  
  2. Consignment - Or, Kempler can find a buyer for your used equipment by using strategic search engine optimization and pay-per click advertising techniques.
  3. Auction/Liquidation - Lastly, Kempler can auction your used equipment through their equipment auctioneering division. They have an extensive customer base of buyers all over the world. They can set up an on-site auction or an online webcast depending on your needs. 


Appraisal Service

MachinesUsed offers professional appraisal services for all sorts of industrial machinery. They have professional appraisers on staff that can provide a reliable valuation for your equipment. 

3 Selling Options

  1. Direct Purchase - Similar to other dealers, MachinesUsed can purchase your equipment directly. 
  2. Online Auctions - Or they can auction your used equipment online in a single auction if there are enough items. Alternatively, they can add your equipment to one of their monthly Multi-Shop auctions.
  3. Consignment - MachinesUsed will take care of advertising, marketing and selling the equipment. 

Trade-In for a New or Used Machine

Furthermore, MachinesUsed offers a unique alternative where owners can trade in their used equipment for a new or used piece of machinery.

Learn more by watching their company video. 

2. Craigslist Heavy Equipment Section

Another option for selling used industrial equipment is to leverage Craigslist.

Craigslist is the number one classified advertising site in the world and has a specific section for “heavy equipment” where people sell used industrial equipment. 

Sell Used Industrial Equipment on Craigslist

Just go to Craigslist.com, click on your local area and click "Create a Posting". It's that easy!

If you haven't sold on Craigslist before and don't know where to start, then taking a highly rated course like the one below might be a good first step. Over 1,000 people have taken this course and it caters towards beginners!

Udemy - Craigslist Secrets - How to Successfully Sell Your Stuff

3. Ebay Business & Industrial Section

You could also leverage Ebay for selling used industrial equipment. Ebay has a “Business & Industrial”  section where people sell different types of new and used industrial equipment.


Listing items on Ebay is completely free. You can list up to 50 items per month without any fees.

Ebay's website has a section that explains how to get started selling.

However, if you are looking for a more in-depth, step-by-step tutorial then the Udemy course below could be a good option. 

This course is a best seller with a lot of positive ratings. Almost 10,000 people have taken it!

EBay Course From Beginner to Advanced

4. Locally on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook also offers an opportunity to sell used industrial equipment.

Facebook created Facebook Marketplace to make it easy for people to buy and sell items in their local area.

Facebook Marketplace

More than 800 million people use Facebook Marketplace making it a convenient way to reach buyers.

Fortunately, listing items for sale on Facebook Marketplace is quick, straightforward and free. This article from Business Insider explains how to list items in four easy steps.

5. Public Facebook Groups

You could also join a public Facebook group dedicated to buying and selling used equipment.

For instance, the group below is dedicated to selling any type of industrial equipment.

Public Facebook Group - Sell Used Industrial Equipment

There are lots of Facebook groups dedicated to selling different types of equipment. 

For example, we found the group below that specializes in buying and selling restaurant equipment by searching on google. 

Public Facebook Group_Used Restaurant Equipment

Try googling “Facebook used ______ equipment”. Insert the type of equipment you are trying to sell and a there is a good chance a group will come up!

If you would like to learn tips and tricks for selling on Facebook Marketplace and in Facebook Groups then try the online course below. 

The author can teach you how to make a sale within 24 hours on some Facebook Groups!

Online Course - Sell on Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Groups

Where do you go to sell used industrial equipment? Comment below to help the community!

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Azmat ALi says May 14, 2019

Hi there,
An excellent site, an ocean in business related tools.5 places mentioned above are perfect, saves time and money.Thanks to Jess Neilsen for a nice work.
I have some industrial instruments wish to sell, trying to find a better place.Request to all to help me in this regard.Thanks

basant tiwari says June 18, 2019

hbsp enterprises machinery manufacturing

Anonymous says September 9, 2019

Hi Jess Nielsen,
Thanks for sharing about these market place. From the above I prefer eBay. It helps me to sell my used equipment at a great price. I am thankful for the eBay team for providing such type of platform for us.
Again thanks to you for writing about this article.

Grégoire Tabeau says September 27, 2019

I recently used Osertech’s and Mindeal’s services to buy some second hand industrial equipment : stainless steel tanks and autoclave. I recommend it !

David Norriss says October 11, 2019

I like how you mentioned that selling used industrial equipment is such a niche market that it is nearly impossible to get buyers and sellers together in person. This makes selling and buying online an easier and faster option. Thank you for talking about this market and how difficult it can be to work with in person.

John says January 20, 2020

Soo I’m trying to sell my grandfather’s old machines ..I think most of em might just be scrap but I still don’t know how to do it

William says January 29, 2020

Brand new pressbrake machine.U can manufacture steel windowframes,steel doorframes,gutters,farm gates etc etc Original selling price R500000 current selling price R363000 u save R137000 with 6 months guarantee

Phillip Manghsm says July 18, 2020

I’m selling my tools , equipment, mig welding unit , torches , paint equipment, 68 foot down draft , bake paint booth , hand tools all Snap On , MAC or Matco and much more . I want one buyer

Sunil says August 5, 2020

I want sell my used restaurants equipment

asif faras says August 7, 2020


I have industrial material. material is food related mixer , packing machine, motors. quantity 450 pies. any one intrested plz reply

Joyce says October 29, 2020

Hi Jess,

Good article. You are forgetting about Foeth. They are in business since 1908 and one of the largest traders in the purchase and sale of used process machinery, serving the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe and beyond. Check out their website.

Nadim says February 2, 2021

Hi want to sell redial drilling machine

Altaf Manji says May 25, 2021

To whom it may concern,
I have a total of 4 pellet Mills for sale. 2 mills are complete and running and the other 2 are complete
but not hooked up.
The 2 mills which are running and complete are:
Cpm 7900 series and sprout matador pm 30. These 2 mills are at present hooked up and running.
They come with all the conveyors, screener and has also got a semi-automatic weigh scale to fill
Bags. These 2 mills are both with 8 mm dies.
The other 2 mills are both complete but not hooked up,
The 2 mills which are not hooked up are:
2 sprout 26-inch mills with 6 mm dies and has an extra set of dies and rollers which are 8mm.(new)
The 4 mills can be all sold together as a package deal or can be sold individually.
The asking price on the whole lot is 400,000 usd.price is negotiable.
If interested in buying separate that can be negotiated too.
With this price the shipping is not included the shipping is paid by the buyer.
Loading of the machines in container can be negotiated.
These machines are in Thailand.
I have attached some photos for them too.
For more information you can contact me on my email.
Manji. Altaf @gmail.com
My name is Mr. Altaf Manji

Shammy Peterson says September 30, 2021

I found it helpful when you said that you could consider selling your industrial equipment to a dealer. As you said, it is often the fastest way to sell equipment. I will share this with a close friend who mentioned over dinner last Monday that he has a piece of fabrication equipment that he would like to sell. It is important for him to sell it at a good rate since he needs money for his medical needs.

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