5 Places Where You Can Sell Your Used Industrial Equipment

sell used industrial equipment

When it comes time to upgrade your industrial equipment, there are so many things to consider. You want to get something that fits in the same space, performs more efficiently, and sits within your budget.

But it isn’t just the new machinery that needs careful attention. What are you going to do with your used industrial equipment?

If it still works, it could be worth a significant amount of money. Where can you find potential buyers for niche industrial equipment?

These are five places where you can sell your used industrial equipment and find potential buyers.

Sell Used Industrial Equipment

Online Auctions

Online auctions are gaining in popularity among industrial buyers. With such a niche market, getting buyers and sellers together in the same geographical place can be difficult.

Many buyers have to travel long distances, with no guarantee they will find what they are looking for.

Online auctions offer the solution. This auction online allows buyers to trawl through the inventory, and compete in the auction process, without leaving their home.

For sellers, this means a global market, access to more potential buyers, and affordable listing fees.



Some industrial machinery distributors have a small marketplace for second-hand equipment.

For example, in Canada, ICE offers second-hand printing equipment alongside their new products.

Distributors make money by offering sellers less than they can sell their machinery for.

Because of this, sellers often use distributors as a last resort.

If they can sell their machinery elsewhere, on a platform which connects them directly to the buyer, they can make far more for their used industrial machinery.


eBay has become something of a spare parts goldmine.

However, depending on the industry, occasionally small industrial machines and equipment appear from time to time.

Although the market is vast (eBay has 165 million registered buyers from around the world), it is not always the best way to sell industrial equipment. Buyers have to do their homework before they part with their cash as inspections are not the standard.

This can put off buyers searching for expensive pieces of equipment.

Taking the seller’s word on a $50 handheld device is one thing but buying a $50,000 machine on nothing more than someone’s word is another.

A Listing in a Trade Magazine

Taking out an ad in a trade magazine can yield results in the right market climate. There is no third party taking a cut of the sale price, as you are advertising directly to the buyer.

Sellers must make sure they are listing in the right magazine. If buyers looking for your equipment don’t read the magazine, then taking out a listing is a waste of time and money.

Also, without a third party controlling and organizing the sale process, the seller and buyer will have to make all the transportation arrangements themselves.

This could mean one, or both parties travelling a significant distance at great personal cost.


Equipment brokers are people with connections who facilitate the sale of industrial equipment. They act as middlemen and ensure the equipment is in good working order.

They also set up negotiations between the buyer and the seller.

Brokers take a commission of the sale price.

You will also have to pay for any of the costs associated with storing, transporting, and maintaining the equipment while the broker finds a buyer.

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Hi Jess Nielsen,
Thanks for sharing about these market place. From the above I prefer eBay. It helps me to sell my used equipment at a great price. I am thankful for the eBay team for providing such type of platform for us.
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