14 of the Best Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Available on Amazon

Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Are you looking for eco-friendly dog toys for your best friend?

The best eco-friendly dog toys are durable, entertaining, and minimize the impact on the environment. 

All of these sustainable toys are just a click away on Amazon!  

Have fun with your pup while doing your part to help the planet! Our Quick Picks are below, along with a special discount for our readers, and all 14 toys that made the list!

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Quick Picks: Best Environmentally Friendly Dog Toys

These are the ecofriendly dog toys purchased most by our readers. 

  • 1st Place: Beco Ball - This eco-friendly ball is #1 on our list! for its durability and fun features. It has a hole to put treats and whistles when you throw it! Dogs love it! 
  • 2nd Place: Outward Hound Puzzle Toy- Our readers love this engaging puzzle toy that stimulates the dog's senses and hunting instinct. Readers say it keeps their dog entertained for hours! 
  • 3rd Place: Jax & Bones Biodegradable Elephant - This sustainably manufactured toy is 100% biodegradable and one of the best on the market. 

14 of the Best Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Available on Amazon

Plush Owl Made With Recycled All Natural Materials - Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Made By Simply Fido

Simply Fido manufactures this plush owl toy. They make toys with safety and sustainability in mind.

For example, they use recycled stuffing and all-natural cotton. Similarly, they save water and generate less waste by using low-impact dyes to color their products. 

Eco Friendly Dog Toys From Simply Fido
Simply Fido Low Impact Dyes
Simply Fido Monkey Dog Toy

This is another Simply Fido product made with 100% organic cotton. 

It is made using low-impact dyes and doesn't have stuffing. Instead, it has crinkle paper inside that makes a fun cracking sound dogs love!

Beco Ball: Eco-Friendly Dog Ball

Beco Pet's slogan is "Love Your Dog. Love Your Planet." They create certified ethical and sustainable products for your best friend. 

Beco Pets - Love your dog. Love your planet. Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Made by Beco Pets
Ethical Award from The Ethical Company Organisation. Certified ethical and sustainable products to care for your dog and our planet. Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Made by Beco Pets

As a result, their Beco Ball toy is made with rice husk rubber and has some great features. For instance, it has a hole to hide treats and keeps curious pets occupied!

Beco Ball has a hole for owners to place treats in

Beco Pet is a reputable seller and they have an incredible mission!

Beco Pets Mission - Quality Materials and Full Transparency - Manufacturer of Eco-Friendly Dog Toys
Beco Pets All Natural Rope Toy - Cotton Rope with Blue Ball - Safe and Fun Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

This is another Beco Pets product that dogs love! The strong rope makes it a durable tug of war toy that can provide hours of fun!

Dog Playing with Beco Pets Rope Toy

Owners love the sustainable materials (100% natural cotton and rice husk rubber) and awesome color choices!

Beco Pets All Natural Rope Toy  - Variety of Colors (Light Green, Light Blue, Pink)
Creature - Eco Friendly Wool Dog Toy

Does your dog love to chew? If so, Creature's Eco-friendly wool balls could be an excellent alternative to traditional plastic chew toys!

Why wool? Wool is natural, durable and gentle on dog's teeth! These are hand-made and do not fall apart or break in half. Dogs love playing and chewing on these machine-washable sustainable toys!

100% New Zealand Wool Dog Toy

Furthermore, these eco-friendly dog toys come in a 100% recycled box made from 95% post-consumer content. Perfect for earth-conscious pet owners!

Sustainable Packaging - Eco Friendly Wool Toy by Creature
All Natural Antler Chew Toy - Eco-Friendly Dog Toys
Antler Dog Chew Toy - Eco-Friendly and All Natural

Did you know that deer naturally shed their antlers and re-grow them each year?

Fortunately, Perfect Pet Chews collects these antlers and turns them into all natural dog toys! As a result, animals are not harmed in the making of these toys.

This toy is perfect for owners looking for a natural and organic toy. 

The natural scent and feel of these toys make them irresistible to a variety of dogs!

Textured Caterpillar Dog Toy Made From Sustainable Materials
Textured Caterpillar Dog Toy Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

Lucas b Natural Dog Toys manufactures this unique textured caterpillar. They take great pride in their dog toys and use the same safety standards as children's toys!

For instance, this toy is 100% BPA-free, chemical-free and toxin-free.

Additionally, the rubber on this toy is eco-friendly and comes from the Hevea Brasiliensis trees. Each toy is hand-made in Morocco. Lastly, the packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. 

Recycled Paper Gift Packaging
Hand Made Fish Squeaky Dog Toy Made From Natural Rubber

This is another Lucas b Natural Dog Toys product. This squeaky fish is hand-made from the Hevea Brasiliensis trees. The rubber is durable but soft on dog's teeth, jaws, and mouth.

EcoKind Natural Chew Toy Made From Yak Milk in Peru
EcoKind All Natural Chew Toy

EcoKind Chew Toys are made 100% from Yak milk with zero artificial ingredients and zero chemicals.

The lactose is removed from the milk which makes them easy to digest. 

Additionally, these chew toys are odorless making them a great option for indoor use!

Each one is made in Peru using an ancient recipe

Eco Friendly Interactive Dog Puzzle

Outward Hound sells these incredible interactive puzzles for dogs of all ages and sizes. It is simple!

First, open the compartments and place your dog's treats inside. Then twist the bones on top to lock the drawers in place. Put it on the ground and let your dog play for hours!

Eco Friendly Dog Puzzle

According to Outward Hound, dogs learn the puzzle quickly and it often helps to leave the drawers unlocked during the first few rounds so they can learn. Dogs are smarter than we think!

Interactive Eco Friendly Dog Puzzle

This toy is easy to clean and is made of strong, safe and durable BPA, PVC and Phthalate free material.

Try it today and bring out the genius in your dog!

Red Monkey Plush Dog Toy Made From Recycled Plastic - Eco-Friendly Dog Toy

Michelle the Monkey is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

She is double stitched, soft and has a squeaker inside! This brightly colored toy is a fun option for dogs of all sizes!

Michelle the Monkey Eco Friendly Dog Toy - Available in 3 Sizes
Eco-Friendly made with non-toxic vegetable dyes

Jax and Bones manufactures this handmade rope toy. They specialize in creating natural pet products without harsh chemicals.

Their rope toys are made with chemical-free natural vegetable dyes. They are also 100% biodegradable! 

Jax and Bones Zero Waste Eco-Friendly Dog Toys
Non-Toxic Eco Friendly Dog Bone
Non-Toxic Nylon Chew Toy

This bone is for energetic dogs that are tough on chew toys. It is durable and made from non-toxic materials.

Check out the reviews on Amazon to see why so many responsible dog owners love this toy!

Similar to the interactive toy above, this is a wooden version from Ethical Products, Inc. This seek-a-treat shuffle bone dog toy puzzle is made of sturdy wood and is safe, and also good, for your dog's teeth.

5 Additional Eco-Friendly Actions Dog Owners Can Take

1. Use biodegradable waste bags. Environmentally friendly doesn't have to mean weak. There are tons of plant-based compostable doggy bags that are leak-proof and strong like the one below. 

2. Brush your dog's coat regularly with this brush made from plant-based materials. Pamper your pup the eco-friendly way!

3. Try this designer DIY eco-friendly dog bed that lets you stuff it with old towels, clothes, or pillows. Avoid throwing away old items and have complete control over the comfort of your dog's bed!

4. Donate lightly-used toys or beds to your local animal shelter. The shelter will thank you for it, and you will divert items from the landfill!

Use this link to find an animal shelter near you. 

5. Use a hands free leash or a bicycle basket to go on bike rides with your dog. You will burn less fossil fuels and your dog will love the exercise and fresh air!

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