25 Go Green Ideas For The Office That Will Rock Your World


There are a number of ideas that offices can use to go green and help the environment.

Implementing positive go green ideas doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money.

In fact, using effective go green ideas can save you money and increase efficiency.

Below we have outlined 25 low cost go green ideas for the office. Where relevant we have added links to the go green ideas which have articles that provide more detailed information.

Go Green Ideas – 1 through 10

1. Make sure your IT and Website infrastructure is as environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, all websites are hosted on servers that consume tons of energy and are powered by fossil fuels. There are some eco-friendly web hosting companies that purchase renewable energy to replace or exceed the energy used by their servers which automatically reduces your carbon footprint

2. Eliminate single use cups by requiring reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Lots of offices have break rooms that offer water and coffee. While this is a positive perk for employees, it often contributes to unnecessary waste and expenses if single use cups are available to use. Get rid of the single use cups! Remove all single use cups from the break room. Employees will start bringing their own reusable bottles and mugs rather than go thirsty. If quitting single use cups altogether is too jarring then consider using environmentally friendly cups instead. For instance, your office can use compostable plant based cups that break down more quickly than regular plastic cups. 

3. Buy organic products and fair trade teas and coffees. The importance of buying responsibly sourced coffee is explained here

4. Go green by purchasing recycled paper to use in the printers. Take it one step further and use paperless notebooks to take notes. Notebooks are often discarded or have many pages that are unused. Furthermore, it can be hard to sort through your notes and find exactly what you need. A solution could be the Rocketbook which is a wired notebook that is erasable and reusable. It can even store your notes in Google Drive, One Note and Drop Box. 

5. Cut down on trash and improve recycling rates by removing individual trash cans and utilizing centralized trash cans. This article on the top 7 office recycling tips explains how to do this without irritating a lot of people. High profile companies such as Etsy have reportedly had success with this strategy.

6. Ensure hitting and cooling systems are optimally setup (i.e. are not on in the evenings or over the weekends) and that the temperature is set between 20-22 degree C

7. Implement default double sided printing. This article on green printing tips and advice explains how

8. Setup a printer friendly email signature for all staff. Here’s an simple and short example of what you can say: “Please consider the environment before printing this email.”

9. Encourage cycling to work by providing subsidies for staff who use bikes and facilities (lockers, bike racks, showers) for cyclists

10. Implement a car pool scheme for staff

Go Green Ideas – 11 through 20

11. Implement a switch off campaign for lights and office equipment.

12. Put water hippos in the toilet cisterns to reduce flush volume and save water. This article on the top 5 office water saving tips and devices explains water conservation methods

13. Delamp (i.e. Remove bulbs) in areas that are over-lit

14. Replace inefficient, high energy light bulbs (incandescent and halogen lights) with lower wattage, energy saving lights (compact fluorescent and LEDs). Another article by me on how to choose energy efficient lighting

15. Invest in automatic power shut down software or plugs to switch off IT equipment during out of office hours. Here are my favourite automatic power shutdown devices

16. Have all residual landfill waste collected by a waste contractor who offers zero to landfill services (i.e. incineration via an energy from waste plant)

17. Write and implement an environmental policy. Learn how to write an environmental policy with our marketing leading guide. Note: this is the only paid resource on the Sustainable Business Toolkit. We believe it is the most thorough environmental policy advice on the market and guarantee it will leave you with a policy that you will be proud to share with customers, staff and on your website

18. Use non-hazardous and Eco-friendly cleaning products

19. Encourage staff to use scrap paper for internal notes by giving each staff member a scrap paper box in their desk

20. Invest in light sensors for areas that get used sporadically throughout the day (i.e. Meeting rooms, toilets)

Go Green Ideas – 21 through 25

21. Measure your carbon footprint to identify where your largest impact is. Our article how to calculate a carbon footprint is a great place to start

22. Ensure boilers, AC units and radiators are properly maintained through an annual service

23. Implement a comprehensive recycling scheme to recycle cardboard, plastics, glass, CDs, batteries, fluorescent tubes, IT equipment ect. Our article on top 7 office recycling tips explains how to do this

24. Optimise the use of natural light and ventilation

25. Use a credible carbon offset program to offset any residual emissions that you can’t reduce or mitigate more than you already have. If you want to find out whether being carbon neutral is a worthwhile pursuit for your organisation have a look at this article

So that’s it for our list of low cost go green ideas.

We encourage you to start small and implement a few of these go green ideas before trying solutions which are bigger and bolder.

Follow the links above to find out more details on some of the go green ideas that best resonate with you and your organisation

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Katelyn Howell says September 22, 2014

These are all great. New Things have happened since this article. For Starters, There is now a bio-based toner cartridge instead of the petroleum filled one. Environment First Printing manufactures a bio-based toner that uses soybean oil instead of petroleum… Check them out, I think you will be pleased!

Tracey Rawling Church says January 7, 2015

A couple of words of caution about bio-based toner. Firstly, there are concerns about the impact on food security/food prices due to the use of soybeans for industrial processes. Printing less is always the most environmentally-responsible solution – switching to bio-based toner isn’t a license to print! And if you purchase a printer that carries an Eco-mark such as Blue Angel that certifies process emissions levels during printing bear in mind that substituting another brand for the manufacturer’s own brand toner means that the emissions profile will change, rendering the label invalid.

Kelsey Twocu says February 22, 2016

Hi Tracey,

Thank you for your post! It prompted me to do my research. Well, the great news about Bio-Toner, at least the type that Environment First Printing brought to market uses ONLY soybean OIL…not the soybean. So no food security or food prices will be augmented. You are right, printing less is the best solution, but in our business…one must print.

So Glad we use bio-toner, and it sounds like a bunch of people online are using them now also…which is a great switch, it was for our office!

I think there are two suppliers, but we use Environment First Printing and find them to be very good. You can find them at http://www.environmentfirstprinting.com



Global For Life says March 8, 2016

This is the way how I want to practice in daily life to do such a balance for my environment in order I have joined to implement going green ideas.

Sherrie says June 8, 2016

These are great!

But don’t put a brick in your toilet. THe brick will break down in time and cause plumbing problems. Use a “tank bank” or “toilet tummy” which will clip to the side and not move around, interfering with the inner workings of the toilet and causing different leaks.

Also bike mileage! There is car mileage, but bikes also need maintenance and having a reduced reimbursement per mile could encouraging bike commuting. 🙂

Rachel Smith says June 5, 2017

Excellent suggestions and practical too. One thing that I would like to add is that by choosing window tinting, you can save on cooling costs too. It also helps keep out the harmful UV rays without compromising on the natural light entering the workplace.

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