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Now science brings us the Frankenfish


On November 19 2015, a genetically engineered animal was approved for human consumption for the first time by the US regulator. AquaBounty Technologies will now bring to market its AquAdvantage Salmon. Christened Frankenfish by those who disapprove or have a sense of humour, it could be in the shops within around two years. Just what […]

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Panda Talk Deciphered

Panda talk deciphered

The state-run Xinhua news agency has reported that a five-year study at a conservation centre in Chengdu in China’s southwestern Sichuan province has identified 13 words of panda talk. The beasts were recorded in different situations that included eating, fighting and nursing their young. Panda talk in detail Pandas seeking a mate baa like a […]

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There Could Be No More Hajj Thanks To Climate Change

no more Hajj thanks to climate change

On Monday October 26 2015, US scientists annunciated that, under current trends of climate change, temperatures in the Persian Gulf could be too much for people to cope with by the end of the century. A study published in the journal, Nature, found that severe heat and humidity could force temperatures beyond a “critical threshold,” […]

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Warning! There’s a wallaby on the loose!

wallaby on the loose Gloucestershire

On Saturday September 26 2015, a woman in Dursley in Gloucestershire reported seeing a kangaroo and, as was warranted by such an unusual thing, presented photographic evidence. When police constables found themselves in pursuit, one remarked that it was “not the usual bouncers that we’re interacting with on a Saturday night.” Gloucestershire Police tweeted: “Kangaroo […]

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While it’s vile, it’s pretty green – something nice to say about North Korea


When you think of North Korea, you think of nukes, human rights abuses the United Nations termed “strikingly similar” to those of the Nazis, its abduction of Japanese citizens possibly numbering in their hundreds in the 1970s and 1980s to teach spies and famine. Its leader, Kim Jong-un, ventilated to his troops that they should […]

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What a stinker! Meet the corpse flower


The corpse flower is so-called because it’s a stinker. On Friday August 28 2015, Katy Plantenberg, a spokeswoman for Denver Botanical Gardens, announced that its resident corpse flower was blooming. Cloudy weather had delayed this – in the plant’s native Sumatra, there are never five days of cloudy weather. It had been realised that the […]

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Plague has come to Yosemite


It is generally believed that what we knew as the Black Death was actually three forms of plague: bubonic, pneumonic and septacemic, All hail from the bacterium, Yersinia pestis, the difference being the location of the infection: the lymphatic system, the respiratory system or the bloodstream, respectively. Plague has come to Yosemite National Park for […]

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One more thing to be scared of: coconuts kill


A study, Injuries Due to Falling Coconuts, was published in the November 1984 issue of the Journal of Trauma. It was by Dr Peter Barss, a Canadian. He had recently relocated to Papua New Guinea, where he discovered that 2.5 percent of admissions to the local hospital were the result of people being struck by […]

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Could You Go Climatarian?


Climate change is probably not uppermost in your mind as you stuff your face, but there is now a diet that benefits not only your health but also the planet. Might you consider going climatarian? What it is This diet was devised by Climates, a social networking website for people wishing to strive against climate […]

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30 years ago, France sank the Rainbow Warrior


30 years back, Pete Willcox was captain of the Rainbow Warrior, which had started out as a trawler but later been converted to Greenpeace’s flagship. At 11:38pm and 11:45pm on July 10 1985, a pair of frenchmen working for French intelligence detonated limpet mines they had attached to the vessel at Marsden Wharf in Auckland […]

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