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Climate Change Causing Turtles To Produce More Females


A study published in the journal, Nature Climate Change, has demonstrated that hotter sands, the product of climate change, could cause more turtles to be born female, which will increase their numbers in the short term but ultimately threaten their extinction. The study examined a loggerhead turtle rookery at Cape Verde in the Atlantic ocean […]

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How To Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly


A number of measures are attractive to people seeking to buy a house that is good for the environment. Polls have shown that people would prefer to buy a house that was eco-friendly, and there is greater interest at the high end of the market. Walls and what lies within Walls should be insulated and […]

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Why A Hybrid Car Is Better, Financially


Hybrid cars are powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Their popularity grew in the United States when the second generation of the Toyota Prius was introduced, and by October 2012 there were over 2.5 million hybrids in the country. Car reviews often speak of hybrids, and motoring has consequently become plain […]

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All About Solar Panels And Solar Water Heating Systems


The sun rises every day, and a homeowner can benefit from the process. The principal options for solar energy systems are solar panels and solar water heating systems, which generate electricity and heat water, respectively. One study (Scarpa and Willis 2010) discovered that people were prepared to spend an extra GBP2,380/USD3,602/EUR3,225 on a house where […]

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Before Cyclone Tracy Destroyed Most Of Darwin In 1974, The Aborigines Saw It Coming

On Christmas Eve in 1974, Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin, destroying three quarters of houses and killing 66 people with its 135mph winds. John Hardy, a government official, remembers folk comparing the destruction to Hiroshima. It is part of Darwinian legend that, immediately before the cyclone arrived, Aborigines had already fled: the Aborigines saw it coming. […]

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Half The Camels In The United Arab Emirates Were Killed By Plastic Bags


The United Arab Emirates Ministry of the Environment has declared that half the dead camels in the desert region of Falaj Mualla were killed by plastic bags: after taking one as a snack, the camels suffocated when the plastic hardened in their massive stomachs. While the camels themselves decomposed extensively, the plastic bags in their […]

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Doing Good For The Environment Gives You A Warm Glow

If you do good for the environment, you get a warm feeling – literally. Researchers discovered that, in two studies, when volunteers believed they were aiding the environment, they felt that the temperature was higher. People who were designated environmentally friendly gauged the temperature of the room in which they sat to be around 1°C […]

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Loom bands threaten the world


Loom bands are thingies comprised of interlocking elastic bands. The interlocking bit is accomplished by means of a Rainbow Loom Kit or fingers. Over three million Rainbow Looms have been sold worldwide and now Amazon’s top 30 best-selling toys are loom-related. Celebrities seen wearing loom bands include the Duchess of Cambridge, David Beckham and Miley […]

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Heathrow Mollusc Scourge – The Quagga Mussel


The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) has announced that, in the course of water quality testing, a species of mollusc capable of wreaking dire havoc in the United Kingdom has been discovered at Wraysbury reservoir, close to Heathrow Airport, and the Wraysbury River, a tributary of the River Coine that is itself a Thames tributary. […]

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Angelenos Take The Dirty Car Pledge


Nine months after Governor Brown declared a state of emergency in response to California’s worst drought on record, thousands of residents have taken the Dirty Car Pledge and will not wash their cars for 60 days. The campaign, initiated by Los Angeles Waterkeeper, seeks to increase awareness of the badness of the drought and empower […]

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