5 Great Art And Craft Sustainable Business Ideas

Sustainable Business Art and Craft Ideas

Sustainable business practices are growing and becoming more and more common around the world as the reality of how wasteful mass production is and how it’s harming the environment.

Sustainable, or green, businesses have minimal negative impact on the environment and usually follow a strategy and certain guidelines regarding environmental conservation, fair trade and promoting long-term business growth.

There is a big demand nowadays for unique, bespoke products, which means that now is the perfect time for art and craft businesses to grow and really take off.

Small creative businesses are more sustainable as there is usually very little waste involved and recycled materials can be used to create interesting products.

So if you feel like letting your creativity flow and starting your own business, here are 5 great art and craft sustainable business ideas.

Sustainable Business Art & Craft Ideas

Jewellery Making

Making and designing jewellery is a great sustainable business idea as there are so many different methods and materials that could be used to make unique pieces.

From beads and crystals to different metals and semi-precious stones, there’s a lot of room to experiment and play around with different techniques until you master your own preferred style.

In order to make a jewellery design business sustainable, it’s important to try use recycled metals as the way metals are mined can be harmful to the environment, use eco-friendly packaging and make as much use of recycled materials, like glass, fabric and wood, as possible and turn them into beautiful, wearable works of art!

Bespoke jewellery is a big trend and people are always looking for unique pieces to show off so starting a sustainable jewellery business can be very rewarding.


From cushion covers, curtains and bedding to t-shirts, skirts and dresses, sewing can be used to create numerous practical and usable products.

As a sustainable business, sewing and creating different fabric-based items is an excellent idea. Old fabrics from clothes, curtains, sheets, bedding and more can be re-used to create new products if the fabric is still in good enough condition.

There’s always a market for vintage looking items, so older, more faded looking fabric can always be used somewhere.

Sewing is a very easy sustainable business to start as all you need to do is get some fabric, a sewing machine and some simple patterns to get you started with.

If you don’t already have a sewing machine on hand then consider investing in one as there are some good quality, inexpensive sewing machines for everyday use that can be found online, which will be perfect for starting a sewing business.


Painting is another great sustainable business idea as it has a very low environmental impact and can incorporate recycled materials into the work. Old canvases can be repainted to reduce waste and recycled pieces of wood can be painted on and turned into stunning home decor items.

Painting is an inexpensive business to set up and online platforms can be utilized to help promote the business and sell the pieces.

Original paintings can fetch a decent price as well. Experimenting with different mediums and materials in ways that incorporate recycling or up-cycling is a great way to promote sustainability within your painting business.

DIY and Handmade Items Blogger

Starting a DIY blog allows you to be creative, use different techniques, materials and mediums as well as show other people how to do the same.

This is a sustainable business because recycled materials can easily be incorporated in the making of various items and it’ll encourage other people to do the same and promote recycling.

Because of its online nature, a DIY blog business can make use of advertising and affiliate links to earn more of an income.

If you enjoy making things yourself and experimenting with different ideas, then starting your own DIY or crafts blog is perfect for you and you can also sell your own handmade products through the blog.


Making and selling candles is a fun and creative business idea, which results in more natural, chemical-free candles than the ones that are mass produced.

Making candles from scratch is a great sustainable business because candles are something that everyone has in their homes and if they smell and look good, no one can resist buying more.

There is also demand for handmade candles because, not only do they make for perfect gifts, but they smell better, last longer and are better quality than mass produced candles.

A handmade candle making business is sustainable because all natural products are used and packaging can be made from recyclable materials to minimise any negative impact on the environment.

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Amanda says March 24, 2019

You need to be careful with your painting idea , as many paints harm the environment and are not eco friendly . They are often harmful to those using them in the wrong way over a stained time. There are eco paints now on the market but they are not widely available. Many paints are not being disposed of thoughtfully and as artists/ business we need to look at what we are doing.

    SBToolkit says March 24, 2019

    Thank you for your comment Amanda. You are right, paint can certainly harm the environment if it is not eco friendly and if it is not used correctly. Very good point.

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