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5 Places Where You Can Sell Used Industrial Equipment

Whether you have one machine or an entire plant, you can sell used industrial equipment for cash. The key is finding the right buyer and the best price.  Here are 5 places where you can sell used industrial equipment today. Plus tips and resources to get you started! 5 Places to Sell Used Industrial Equipment Table of […]

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Productivity Hacks: How To Get More Done In The Day

productivity hacks

Modern day workloads can be overwhelming and exhausting. It can sometimes feel like you’re putting in so much effort and so many hours, only to finish one of your many tasks for that day. If you want to get more done in your day, then you need to get into the routine of planning your […]

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AWS Cloud: 6 Benefits For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

aws cloud benefits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon cloud storage solution that holds plenty of benefits for business owners. The solution features a broad set of tools that include storage, computing, database, analytics, deployment, and application services. Implementing the AWS cloud brings the following services and benefits to your business. AWS Cloud Benefits Commitment Free One […]

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5 Contract Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

contract management tips

No matter which industry you’re running a business in, it’s important to make sure you always handle the paperwork side of things properly, so you protect your venture and yourself if anything goes wrong. In particular, ensure you’re covered legally when entering into relationships with internal and external stakeholders and contacts such as employees, suppliers, […]

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Workplace Conflicts Every Enterprise Should Prepare For

workplace conflict

Conflict is guaranteed to occur in any group setting, and the workplace is no exception. There are countless reasons for which co-workers feud with one another, some of which are very serious. Even if your team members work well together, the occasional disagreement is sure to arise. Given the prevalence of workplace conflict, it behooves […]

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Launching And Running A Fashion Business: 6 Tips To Get You Started

tips for launching a fashion business

Fashion might be your lifelong passion, but can it also be your bread and butter? Even having oodles of creative talent isn’t enough to guarantee a profitable, sustainable business in the fashion industry. That’s because of the challenges fashion brands face as they evolve. If you’re not sure how to get started on your fashion […]

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7 Residential Business Trends To Watch

residential business industry trends 2019

The residential business industry is growing, with more residents demanding housing every month. If you’re thinking of going into this line of business yourself, here are a few trends to keep in mind. Residential Business Industry Trends 1. More Demand, Limited Supply Since almost everyone wants to settle down and have kids, the population in […]

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How The Finance Industry Is Changing

Finance Industry Trends 2019

Like every other industry out there, the rules have changed for the finance industry. Big data and technology have transformed how we live, work, and do business, and finance is no exception. For upcoming or recent graduates looking to break into finance, there’s a lot to be optimistic about. Finance still has low unemployment compared […]

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UK Self-Assessment Tips For Limited Companies

uk self assessment for companies

Running your own limited company comes with its fair share of responsibility. From meeting strict legislative deadlines to actually registering the business at Companies House, new business owners soon realise just how much hard work goes into setting up and operating their own company. As part of your responsibilities, you’ll be doing a significant amount […]

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How To Streamline Your Firm’s Phone System For Greater Cost Efficiency

Phone System For Greater Cost Efficiency

As a business owner, you will doubtless already know the influence that phone communication can have on the success of your company. Sure enough, outdated phone systems can have an adverse effect on efficiency, productivity and even your firm’s bottom line. If you’re considering streamlining your existing phone systems, now is the time to act, […]

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