How To Streamline Your Firm’s Phone System For Greater Cost Efficiency

Phone System For Greater Cost Efficiency

As a business owner, you will doubtless already know the influence that phone communication can have on the success of your company.

Sure enough, outdated phone systems can have an adverse effect on efficiency, productivity and even your firm’s bottom line.

If you’re considering streamlining your existing phone systems, now is the time to act, with BT planning to ditch its PSTN and ISDN networks in favour of IP systems.

Here is how you can get a head start to update your phone systems and save costs in the long run.

Streamline Phone System For Greater Cost Efficiency

Invest in hosted cloud hosted phone systems

If your company is feeling the impact of hefty monthly landline bills, VoIP could be the cost-efficient solution for you.

VoIP phone systems send all calls through the Internet, which means you can make the same volume of calls for a fraction of the monthly cost you would pay with traditional landlines.

Usually, your VoIP provider will provide you with IP phones or handsets that get you up and running. Even with this investment, VoIP can still provide significant savings over traditional landlines. This makes for an easy set-up when streamlining phone systems.

Alternatively, move to the cloud with SIP trunks

With the inevitable move to IP systems, SIP trunks are another way your company can streamline its phone systems. SIP trunks give you the flexibility and cost benefits of VoIP systems, all while keeping your traditional PBX and handsets.

As your company grows and changes, you can add as many phone numbers as you need with SIP trunks while eliminating the costs of maintaining separate networks.

This flexibility means your business can adapt as it grows and changes, all at a lower cost.

Choose a phone system that matches your business

Whatever phone system you choose to invest in, it’s important that it connects you to your customers and employees – no matter where they are based.

A phone system needs to match your business and Planet Numbers can offer you just that, with VoIP and SIP services that can be tailored to your company’s needs.

VoIP and SIP systems are becoming a major player in the business world, due to their remarkable cost-efficiency.

But their benefits don’t just stop at lower costs, as they also improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace, which makes them systems well worth investing in.

Integrate mobile phones to your phone system

If your employees use mobile phones for business, you shouldn’t neglect them. The increasing mobile workforce means employees need easy options for communicating with one another and customers from anywhere.

Integrating mobiles into the office system means that communications can become portable and employees can work ‘on the go’.

Having a phone system that is integrated with business mobiles means you can access all of the features of the office system, no matter where you’re based.

Calls can be routed through your phone system using the IP network and connected as a standard rate call.

This graphic provided by The Telegraph details how simplifying communications can save your business money.

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