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7 Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Business

Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Business

Perhaps you already have some hobbies, but did you know you can monetize them? With some ingenuity and motivation, you can turn that pastime into an income. Every penny helps, so here is a list of seven hobbies that can give your bank balance a boost. Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Business Cooking Do […]

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6 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Business Incubators

startup business incubator

In a fast-changing and unpredictable world of business, many startup companies connect with business incubators to help them kick start their business in its early stages. Although business incubators are infamous for its negative effect on innovation and business leadership, they still bring a lot of benefits that startups should definitely consider. Here are a […]

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How To Protect Your Website From Malware

protecting your website from malware

With the advancement of technology, the internet and websites have become very significant tools for companies, organizations and personal use. Most businesses have their own websites and also store or organize their data in the cloud. With endless amounts of important information and personal data stored online, hackers and malicious software, called malware, threaten the […]

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Best Paying Consulting Firms For MBA Graduates

Best Paying Consulting Firms

MBA graduates are in a good position to get a well paying job for consulting firms straight out of university. Many people work hard to complete an MBA degree so that they can have a stable job ad earn a healthy salary and nowadays there are even ways to get into online programs and earn […]

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5 Tips On How To Make Your Money Stretch Further

How To Make Your Money Work For You

When it comes to making your money stretch further, it can be tough to know where to start. From having a back-up plan so you don’t have to dip into your savings to making small, everyday changes, there are ways to make your money stretch a little further. Here are five simple tips on how […]

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The Biggest Issues To Face Fleet Managers In 2019


The management of commercialised vehicles, such as those from Uber, have become an integrated part of our community. These services have become a viable alternative to simply getting a taxi, for needs ranging from getting us to work and getting us home conveniently at night, to bringing us to the airport on time on our […]

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Don’t Start a New Business Without These 7 Vital Types of Insurance

types of business insurance

From the moment you open a new business, you’re opening up to endless risks. The business can fail within the first few months; more than 4 in 5 new businesses do. You could also encounter a fire or flood that brings down the entire premise and / or destroys your goods or equipment. Getting the […]

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5 Great Art And Craft Sustainable Business Ideas

Sustainable Business Art and Craft Ideas

Sustainable business practices are growing and becoming more and more common around the world as the reality of how wasteful mass production is and how it’s harming the environment. Sustainable, or green, businesses have minimal negative impact on the environment and usually follow a strategy and certain guidelines regarding environmental conservation, fair trade and promoting […]

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4 Ways to Close a Business Deal With Your Galaxy S8

close business delas with samsung galaxy

Technology has improved our lives in countless ways. This is certainly true for business professionals, who rely on phones and tablets for everything from booking appointments to running an entire company. Technology can even help people settle on contracts and reach agreements about business decisions. However, you need the right tools, such as a quality […]

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Book Review: Hot, Flat and Crowded


In , Thomas L Friedman presents a compelling and provocative account of the challenges and opportunities facing humanity as the converging pressures of global warming, a widening middle class and rapid population growth begin to characterize the twenty-first century. Together these pressures could make the planet ‘dangerously unstable’ (5): ‘[L]ike the proverbial frog in the […]

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