Biodegradable Gloves – 6 Top Brands for Every Use


Biodegradable gloves are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic gloves. They break down naturally over time instead of staying in landfills and creating greenhouse gas emissions or leaving behind microplastics that pollute our air, water, and soil and harm the earth's wildlife.

Whether working with food, in the medical industry, or at home, biodegradable gloves provide a durable, reliable, and inexpensive solution.

Here are our picks for the best biodegradable gloves and information on choosing the best pair for your needs.

Top Picks - Most Popular Biodegradable Gloves

The brands purchased the most by our readers. 

Top Biodegradable Gloves

1. Eco Gloves - Individually Wrapped  

These gloves are bestsellers on Amazon and are popular for using at home, at work, or on the go. 

They come in individually wrapped packages that are also compostable and are latex free, powder free, and BPA free. These gloves are BPI certified and made from plant-based materials like corn, cassava, and sugarcane. 

Biodegradable gloves and packaging, food grade compliant

Eco Gloves is committed to creating gloves that are sustainable and easy to use. Keep some in your purse or bag or use them at home or at work for food prep or cleaning. 

Check them out! 

2. UNNI Compostable Food Prep Gloves

Next on our list is UNNI Compostable Food Prep Gloves. These gloves are specifically made for home cooks and restaurant chefs. Their food safe and restaurant-quality sets them apart from the competition. 

Our readers love that they come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large. Although they are 100% compostable and will decompose naturally over time, they won't rip or disintegrate when using them. They are strong and can handle any meal prep! 

Plus, UNNI makes a variety of other compostable products from pet waste to sandwich bags. They are fully committed to the environment! 

Biodegradable gloves, compostable dog waste bags, biodegradable sandwich bags, and compostable trash bags

3. Fifth Pulse Biodegradable Nitrile Safety Gloves

Fifth Pulse is the only medical-grade examination glove on our list. 

These Nitrile gloves are ideal for doctors, nurses, and caregivers. They are also latex free and powder free which is ideal for people with latex allergies. You can get them in blue or green. 

What sets them apart is their flexibility and textured fingertips that make it easy to check your phone or use a screen without having to remove them. 

4. Eco Gloves - Nitrile 

Eco Gloves also makes nitrile gloves that are very sturdy and fit just about every size hand. Our readers say they fit well and are ambidextrous. 

These are puncture resistant and can be used for cleaning, gardening, cooking, and working at a nail salon or beauty parlor. Most importantly, they break down very quickly (within 1 to 3 years) and won't take up space in a landfill or leave behind microplastics. 

4. Eco Gloves - Food Prep 

Eco Gloves also makes gloves specifically for food prep. While not individually wrapped, they come in packages of 100 and are easy to grab from the box while working. 

These gloves are safe, non-toxic, and made from plant-based materials. They are great for when you want to keep your hands clean but don't want to generate plastic waste. 

It is easy to see why Eco Gloves is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Their incredible quality, variety of products, and commitment to the environment set them apart. 

6. SHOWA Biodegradable Nitrile Safety Gloves

Finally, SHOWA creates thick, nitrile safety gloves that are great for heavy duty use. We have heard users wear them for plumbing jobs, car detailing, oil changes, wood staining, and cleaning. 

They are thick and durable, yet only take 5 years to decompose. Also, they are heat-resistant (but not flame resistant). 

They are also great for people with large hands and come in sizes up to XXL. 

Overall, these are an excellent choice for strong yet ecofriendly gloves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are biodegradable gloves ecofriendly?

Biodegradable gloves are a sustainable choice because they break down naturally over time instead of staying in our environment and creating pollution. While it is best to avoid single use items, sometimes they are necessary in the medical field, for food prep, or for other daily tasks. 

When you must use a single use item, it is best to use a biodegradable or compostable version, so you aren't introducing more plastic waste into the environment. 

2. How long do biodegradable gloves take to decompose?

Typically, biodegradable gloves break down between 1 - 5 years. 

Biodegradable gloves have many uses. They can be used at home for things like food prep, cleaning, and gardening. They can also be used in restaurants, warehouses, medical facilities like doctors' offices, hospitals, or veterinarian offices, grocery stores, schools, etc. 

3. Can you throw away biodegradable gloves?

You can throw away biodegradable gloves in the trash can or place them in the compost.

4. Why are biodegradable gloves important?

It is important to avoid single use plastics that pollute our environment. Disposable latex or plastic gloves stay in the environment for hundreds of years and can harm our plants and wildlife. Even if plastic gloves are thrown away, they stay in landfills for hundreds of years and produce harmful greenhouse gases such as methane that contribute to global warming.

However, biodegradable gloves are derived from natural materials such as corn and sugarcane that break down over time instead of staying in the environment.

Also, they don't leave behind microplastics which can cause diseases and other health problems. 

5. Are compostable gloves good for restaurants?

Biodegradable gloves are great for restaurants whether for cooking, cleaning, or maintenance. A lot of brands like Eco Glove and UNNI make food safe, restaurant-quality glove that can be used in commercial kitchens. 

Using biodegradable products is a great way to reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint and make your business more sustainable.

6. Can doctors or nurses use compostable gloves?

Yes, brands like Fifth Pulse make biodegradable gloves for medical professionals. They are durable, comfortable, and medical-grade. However, they are more sustainable then traditional gloves. 

7. What if I have allergies?

People with allergies can use biodegradable gloves as well. Most biodegradable gloves are latex free, powder free, and BPA free. Also, lots of brands offer compostable nitrile gloves which typically have a low risk of allergic reactions. 

8. Are biodegradable gloves worth it?

Each person will have to decide for themselves if buying biodegradable gloves is worth it. In our opinion, it is worth it to buy a product that won't hurt the environment. Plus, they cost about the same and have the same quality as traditional plastic gloves.  Making small changes to our daily lives can change the course of climate change and help preserve our planet for future generations. 

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