Benefit From Sustainable Hospitality – Use Serviced Business Apartments


It is no secret that the hospitality sector has a huge environmental impact by virtue of its recourse consumption and massive waste levels. For instance, hotels have historically consumed more energy than apartment buildings simply because they have to stay light pretty much all the time, regardless of their use.

As more eco friendly alternatives are now peppering the market for travellers, especially in the sub sector of business travel, we suggest that big companies look into corporate rentals of more sustainable serviced apartments or co-living spaces. The latter is becoming increasingly popular with freelance workers who want to travel and work.

Apart from polishing your corporate image, there are many other important benefits in switching your executive suits to full serviced apartment or co-living rentals during their business travel.

Here are some reasons why.

Your Company Will Save

As apartments are cheaper to maintain, the price tag is usually less hefty than that at even modestly priced but energy inefficient hotels. As clients are in full control of using the apartments, they help reduce the cost per a whole apartment, vs juts one room in a hotel. Using the apartment only when required, including their own cooking, they help the apartment owners offer a better price to their clients.

Get Tax Write Offs

Many governments now offer vast economic incentives to stimulate green buildings. If you wish to benefit from monetary grants, tax claims and discounts on insurance, we suggest looking into implementing a good environmental policy, which should include sustainable business travel.

Attract Top Talent

As a result, a sustainable corporate culture helps with attracting and retaining your top talent. According to research, today over half of American employees prefer to apply for work at environmentally positive companies. As new generation that values purpose over profit joins the workforce, they look beyond salary and into benefits to the society. They look for organisations where they can make a difference.

Polish Your Brand

Sustainable business policy is proven to enhance companies’ reputation and their branding, resulting in greater profits in the long term. As more and more brands undergoing repositioning to serve new generation of more environmentally and socially active clients, lead the way through adding more examples of your practical application on this policy in relation to business travel.

Your Executives Will Enjoy It More

Who would refuse travel, when they know they can feel moderately at home, left in peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded hotels on their business trip? If anything, it adds an incentive to travel even more!

This is where serviced business apartments for business travel come in handy. They offer more space and freedom, no schedules for checking in and out, just personalised service arrangements for getting and leaving the keys.

A bigger number of businesses now understand how investing into environmental technologies indirectly impacts their clients. Therefore, to lead the race each company needs to start making a difference for their own employees. This would help with building real case studies to showcase in their marketing literature and to back up their claims and statements on their corporate websites, eventually gaining them a competitive advantage in the today’s crowded market space.

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