Green Tips For Luxury Business Trips To London

Green Tips for Luxury Business Trips to London

There is a lot of useful advice for C-suit business travel online, but we suggest considering the environment in your next trip to London, the busiest city in Europe and the largest financial centre of the region. It has a lot to offer, so why settle for something that it outdated, when you can benefit from luxury and being thoughtful about the environment?

Always Request Non-Stop Flights

If you are a C-suit executive, you know only too well that layovers and additional stops mean a lot more pain for your business travel. But there is one more reason to always request non-stop flights – your environmental footprint. Additional take offs and landings are responsible for half of the CO2 emissions during every flight. If flights are delays then extra miles of flying in search of landing strips increase fuel consumption and exhaust.

With quarter of a million people travelling through London Heathrow daily this is a good reason to think twice about booking a non-direct flight.

So, next time your secretary finds a flight with ‘just one stop’ suggest it would be more beneficial to the company if you flown non-stop, and ask if she could make a note of the benefits of non-stop flights so that this could be added to your company’s environmental policy.

Schedule Multiple Trips

Speaking of your company’s environmental policy, there is another reason you could schedule a few trips at the same time scoring additional green points for the company. With London airports being some of the busiest in Europe and the world, business trips to the city could be merged with trips to pretty much any major European airport.

If you don’t have any business outside of London City or Canary Wharf, consider taking yourself on a short city break to Paris, Rome or Madrid.  This trick could also play along with promoting your company’s CRS image, while offering you a short break. It won’t take too much time, but you can count on saving over-the-pond flight emissions this way.

Choose Green Luxury Accommodation and Venues

Your company’s CRS reports could also benefit from booking business luxury accommodation through responsible aggregators. Website like Green Key only promote hotels, apartments and London venues with impeccable environmental reputation. TripAdvisor also provides a useful list of Top 10 Green Luxury Hotels in London.

Use Alternative Transportation

Finally, book all your transportation around London in advance. To benefit from perfect service and save time waiting for cabs, we suggest using private chauffeur, who could not only escort you from a meeting to a meeting, but provide a true luxury experience on the busy and overcrowded roads of London.

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