7 Sustainable Food Brands in The UK That You Need to Know About


Did you know that the UK throws away 9.5 million tonnes of food waste every year?

But waste is not the only problem: our diets affect the climate. Eating sustainably could reduce up to 8% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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7 Sustainable Food Brands UK

1. Biona

Biona believes in food that is sustainably farmed and untouched by chemicals.

They are a family-run business offering over 400 organic products. Their ingredients are of the highest quality, completely natural and suitable for vegetarians.

Food Sustainability UK - Biona

Biona’s farmers never use chemical pesticides and herbicides or grow genetically modified crops.

Additionally, their offices and demo kitchen are 100% powered by renewable energy. Furthermore, nearly half of their products are produced with 100% renewable energy.

2. Rubies in the Rubble

Did you know that over 1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted? For instance, produce is thrown away because it is too small, too big, misshapen, or has cosmetic blemishes. However, it is safe to eat!

Misshapen fruits and vegetables
That is where Rubies in the Rubble comes in! Rubies in the Rubble takes surplus fruit and vegetables and turns them into delicious condiments!
Sustainable Food Brands UK - Rubies in the Rubble

This clever business model has saved over 350,000kg of fruits and vegetables and over 290,000kg of C02, making Rubies a clear leader in food sustainability.

3. Two Farmers

Crisps are delicious, but they usually come in plastic packaging and are made in large plants that consume tons of resources. Not with Two Farmers!

Two Farmers make delicious, organic hand cooked crisps. They grow, harvest, and cook the potatoes in small batches on their farm using renewable energy.

Sustainable Food Brands UK - Two Farmers
Sustainable Food Brands UK - Fresh potatoes from Two Farmers Potatoes

Furthermore, they use eco-friendly packaging that is 100% compostable. They have a variety of flavors!

4. Pip Organic

Pip Organic makes 100% organic juices and frozen treats. Their products don’t contain added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, or concentrates.

Sustainable Food Brands UK - Pip Organic Juice Products

Furthermore, they are dairy, nut, and gluten-free. Their products are fun, nutritious, and eco-friendly!

5. Toast Ale

Toast Ale is a Certified B Corp that makes award-winning craft beer brewed with surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted. Additionally, all profits go to charity! 

Sustainable Food Brands UK - Toast Ale

6. Soleshare

Soleshare brings responsibly sourced and fresh fish to consumers’ doors.

You simply choose:

  1. How much seafood you want
  2. How often you want it (e.g., once per week)
  3.  Method of preparation  (e.g., whole just as it came off the boat or cleaned and prepared for cooking)
  4. Whether you want it delivered or picked up 

It is like a subscription, but for fish! They focus on planet, people, and prosperity.

Sustainable Food Brands UK - Soleshare

Soleshare buys directly from local fishermen and do not involve processors or wholesalers. Furthermore, they are owned and operated by locals committed to providing a sustainable product.

Local Fisherman

Also, Soleshare only sources from small, inshore fishermen who use environmentally friendly techniques such as static nets and handlines. 

7. Wholly Greens

Lastly, Wholly Greens makes pasta that is made with 50%+ veggies! Their pasta is nutritious and delicious! Additionally, they use upcycled vegetables and work with a small number of farmers to ensure their products are of the highest quality.

Which sustainable food brands UK are you buying from? Let us know in the comments below

Other UK Sustainable Food Initiatives

1. Food Cycle

This initiative ticks all the boxes: preventing food waste, improving health and mental well-being, helping people feel less isolated, and serving delicious, healthy meals.

At FoodCycle, volunteers collect surplus food and cook it into delicious meals to serve to the local community.

Food sustainability initiative - FoodCycle lets people from the community gather for a nutritious meal. Everyone is welcome!

Guests are often elderly, low-income, or isolated. Having the weekly meals makes them feel part of the community. In addition, they make new friends and feel less lonely.

Furthermore, it gives them a hot, delicious meal, saves food, and helps the environment!

2. The Pig Idea

The name isn’t the only clever thing about this initiative. The Pig Idea’s premise is the brilliantly simple fact that pigs can be a cost-effective, safe, and environmentally-friendly method of dealing with our food waste.

Currently, pigs eat soy grown in the Amazon and causing wide-scale deforestation. The Pig Idea wants the EU to overturn its ban on feeding waste to pigs and create regulations to ensure safe practices.

3. Growing Communities

Growing Communities is on a mission to “provide affordable, sustainable products and services and decent livelihoods, rather than generate excessive profits for others.”

Of course they aim to be profitable. However,  they focus on passing any surplus funds along to benefit the community rather than themselves. They bring customers fresh, organic, seasonal veg and fruit every week.

Fresh Vegetables

4. Refood

Refood uses state-of-the-art Anaerobic Digestion technology to turn waste into renewable energy. Their goal is to divert food waste from landfills by offering businesses an alternative recycling service that is also cost effective. 

Recycling food with them is 50% cheaper than sending it to a landfill!

Finally, they offer a full-service solutions and can tailor their plans to small and large businesses.

5. The Sustainable Restaurant Association

The SRA aims “to be the intersection of the food-service industry and the sustainable food movement.”

They want to make sustainability the norm in the restaurant industry and understand the importance of customer engagement in the sustainability movement.

Multiple strategies are advancing this aim, including rating member restaurants on their food sustainability credentials; and providing resources and assessments to promote improvement.

6. Unpackaged

Lastly, Unpackaged's mission is to "reduce packaging waste by developing systems that enable businesses and individuals to reuse and refill."

They have a variety of locations where consumers can bring their own containers, shop for products in bulk and pay for what they have purchased by weight.

Customers bring reusable containers to reduce waste and save money. Additionally, Unpackaged also a consulting arm that advises businesses on implementing zero waste initiatives.

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