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7 Sustainable Food Brands in The UK That You Need to Know About


Did you know that the UK throws away 9.5 million tonnes of food waste every year? But waste is not the only problem: our diets affect the climate. Eating sustainably could reduce up to 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Here are 7 sustainable food brands in the UK. Also, check out the special sale below! Table of […]

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Fossil Fuels Aren’t The Only Assets At Risk of Stranding

assets at risk of stranding

An interesting new report from sustainability solutions architects Forum for the Future highlights the possibility of stranded assets in the food industry. Assets are ‘stranded’ when they become obsolete, and must therefore be recorded on the balance sheet as a loss. The term is most commonly used to describe the potential ‘carbon bubble’, which sees […]

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Windows – The Key To Sustainable Architecture


While our houses are now beset with various coloured recycle bins for different types of waste, and posters are stuck up at offices touting the sustainability initiatives, insufficient attention is directed towards ensuring that the buildings we live and work in are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. The energy used (and wasted) in constructing and […]

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UK Green Energy Suppliers – What To Look Out For And How To Choose One Right For You?

With the Ukraine crisis causing predictions of gas price hikes and the EU’s recent proposal for a strong and binding 2030 emissions reduction target, now is the time to consider switching to green energy suppliers. But are sustainable fuel sources reliable? And how do you choose between providers?

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Divestment’s Big News, But Climate-Conscious Investing Must Go Mainstream

Seventeen philanthropic foundations have committed to pulling their money out of fossil fuel companies in a major coup for the divestment movement. The foundations, which include the Wallace Global Fund, the Sierra Club Foundation, and the Russell Family Foundation, have called for other philanthropic bodies to join them at the vanguard of climate-conscious investing. Divest-Invest […]

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Top Eco Friendly Gadgets For The Home And Office


As Kermit the Frog so memorably said, it’s not easy being green. When we’re trying to lessen our environmental impact, the home and office quickly become obstacle courses. New dilemmas present themselves, revealing ordinary objects and activities to be fossil fuel hungry, inefficient, or just plain wasteful. Thankfully, the booming green economy is here to […]

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Top 10 Emerging Sustainable Cities

In the sustainability beauty contest, some cities crop up time and time again. You can bet on Malmö, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Portland gaining plaudits, but many more emerging sustainable cities are developing. All of the following ten cities have plenty more to achieve, but their innovation and dedication makes them serious future contenders for the usual […]

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Corporate Engagement In Climate Policy Not Where It Should Be

A new guide aims to help businesses engage constructively in climate policy debates. After interviewing more than 75 business and policy leaders from over 60 organisations worldwide, the UN Global Compact has published its Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy. The Guide issues a call to action, urging companies to exercise their power […]

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Two New Climate Change Reports Spell Out The Threats Posed To Us

Two new climate change reports highlight the impact climate change is having on our money markets. Focusing on the spiralling costs of extreme weather events for US public disaster relief programmes, Ceres’ Inaction on Climate Change predicts dramatically increasing costs to taxpayers from the effects of global warming. The statistics are alarming: in 2012, extreme […]

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New Blue Ribbon Panel report provides criteria to restore the health of our oceans

A coordinated approach backed by governments, businesses and international banks is the only way to save our ocean, says a new report by the Blue Ribbon Panel. Comprised of esteemed academics, oceanographers, CEOs and conservationists, the Blue Ribbon Panel seeks to guide the investment decisions of the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans (GPO). After […]

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