EcoSmart Razor Scooter | 2023 Full Review and Buyer’s Guide

The EcoSmart Razor scooter is a comfortable, eco-friendly scooter that can be used for commuting and leisure. But is it right for you?

Use our review and buyer's guide to find out! 

Here is everything you need to know before buying it.

EcoSmart Razor Scooter Full Review | Everything You Need to Know 

The EcoSmart Razor scooter is available in two models. The first model has a comfortable padded seat, and the second is a traditional stand-up version

Check out all of the specs and features for both models. 



Key Features

Additional Info

EcoSmart Razor Scooter


-12 mile range

-Padded seat

-Removable luggage carrier


-16-inch wheels


-Smooth ride

-Save money on gas

-Easy assembly

EcoSmart Razor Scooter SUP Model


-12 mile range

-Wide bamboo deck


-16-inch wheels


-Smooth ride

-Save money on gas

-Easy assembly

1. Speed

The EcoSmart Razor Scooter has a top speed of 18mph for the seated version and 15mph for the stand-up version. The seated version is faster because it has a bigger motor. It accelerates quickly and can power up small hills.

It is one of the fastest electric scooters of its kind on the market that still provides a smooth and leisurely ride. 

2. Performance

Our readers rave about this scooter's smooth ride. The 16-inch wheels provide support and stability, and the rear-braking system allows you to stop quickly and safely. 

EcoSmart Razor Scooter Rear Wheel and Braking System

Most people use it to commute to work or shop at a nearby store. Others use it for leisurely rides around their neighborhood or campsite. Some users report having their teenagers use it to go to and from school. The comfortable padded seat makes riding a breeze. 

The EcoSmart Razor Scooter is a great product for all ages. From teens to seniors! It has a max weight of 220lbs and a removable luggage carrier to store your books, bags, or electronics. 

EcoSmart Razor Scooter Black Removable Luggage Carrier

3. Battery Life, Mileage, and Run Time

You can travel up to 12 miles (19km) on a single charge. This scooter is meant for short journeys with a run time of about 40 minutes. 

Although the mileage may seem short, you have to remember all of the extra bells and whistles this scooter has. Its top speed is faster than most, and the comfort, smoothness, and safety are unmatched. 

As for charging, the owner's manual recommends letting it charge for 12 hours out of the box. However, after the initial charge, most customers report being able to use it after charging for 6.5 to 8 hours. 

Most users recommend charging after every use or overnight to ensure you have enough power for your ride. 

4. Weight

The EcoSmart Razor Scooter weighs about 65lbs.

The weight shouldn't pose a problem if you are using it for short trips around town.

However, ensure you can lift it if you anticipate carrying it up steps or loading it in or out of a car to use on vacation or a camping trip. 

5. Assembly

According to the owner's manual, the assembly is straight-forward and can be completed in 30 minutes!  

It comes out of the box 95% assembled and includes all of the instructions and tools that you need.

6. Pros and Cons

  • Top speed of 18mph 
  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • Quick assembly
  • Removable luggage carrier
  • Multiple models available 
  • Limited range
  • Long charging time

EcoSmart Razor Scooter Buyer's Guide | Should I Buy It?

Buying the EcoSmart Razor is a good idea if you plan on using it for short journeys (quick commutes to work or school or for leisurely rides around town) and you prefer a comfortable and smooth ride. 

It provides an environmentally friendly mode of transportation that can save you money and time. 

1. Save Money on Gas

An electric scooter is a cleaner form of transportation than riding in a car. Furthermore, it can save you money on gas.

You don't have to sacrifice comfort and speed when using this scooter. 

2. Save Time

Riding on the scooter is much faster than walking, and you don't have to worry about being stuck in traffic. 

You can zip right to your destination and accomplish more in less time. 

3. Get an Excellent Value from a Premium Brand

Razor is one of the most trusted and well-recognized in the industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast does the EcoSmart Razor scooter go?

The EcoSmart Razor scooter has a top speed of 18mph. It can travel up to 12 miles (19km) on a single charge.

2. How long does the battery last? Is it replaceable? 

The battery has a run time of about 40 minutes before it needs to be charged again. 

Yes, the battery is replaceable. The scooter has a 36V 500W battery and replacement batteries are available for purchase on the Razor website.

The average battery life for a properly maintained unit is about 250 cycles.

3. Can I ride the EcoSmart Razor scooter in the rain?

Riding it in the rain is possible but not recommended. Electric scooters tend to last longer when not ridden in inclement weather.

Cheaper and Lighter Alternatives

Below are less expensive and lighter alternatives for people on a budget. However, these models might have a lower top speed, range, and performance than the EcoSmart model. 

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter - Lightweight with Seat

2. Segway Electric Kick Scooter - Lightweight and Foldable

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