Personal Development Plan For Entrepreneurs

personal development plan for entrepreneurs

For a business to remain competitive, it needs to invest in the growth of its team members. Employees are your biggest assets and their personal growth means the growth of your business as well. The need to continually improve doesn’t stop with employees either.

As a business owner, you have to invest just as much time into improving your skills and expertise. There are several things you can do to improve as a business owner, and here are some of the options you should consider.

Allocate Time to Read

Reading must be a big part of your life as a business owner. Every successful entrepreneur I know spends at least six hours every week reading books. The books you read don’t always have to be about business or entrepreneurship. It is the act of reading that matters.

Reading helps you maintain focus for longer. There are a lot of books that can bring your skills and an endless array of knowledge. Now that you can use a Kindle to carry books with you conveniently, there is no reason not to read in between meetings and your busy schedule.

Go Back to School – Remotely

There is a growing trend of business owners going back to school to pursue a master’s degree. That trend originates from the fact that you can now return to school and pursue a degree of your choice online. You can, for example, choose to pursue an MBA as a way to become better at managing your business.

Top universities are making their online programs more accessible. The University of South Dakota online programs are among the best options to look into. They are affordable and quite flexible; as long as you can allocate an hour every day for studying, you’ll be able to earn a degree in as little as 15 months.

Attend Conferences

Conferences aren’t just great for networking, but also for acquiring new skills and improving yourself as a business owner. Most conferences talk about industry updates, the latest trends, and other topics that are in line with the business you run. You can also attend seminars and conferences on specific skills.

Conferences also present the perfect opportunity to learn from industry leaders. You can connect with the best people in the industry and absorb a lot of knowledge from them during and after the conference itself.

Talk to Your Employees

One last thing you must never forget if you are serious about becoming a better business owner is talking to employees. There is a lot to learn from your team members. They are the ones interacting with customers directly. They are also the people who see your products and services from unique perspectives.

Here’s an idea to try. At the start of every week, organize a sharing session. An employee gets to talk about his or her skill and share with the rest of the team. Each session is around 30 minutes in length; it will be a fruitful 30-minute session for the entire company.

Are you ready to improve as a business owner? Use the tips and tricks we covered in this article and start acquiring new skills – and sharpening your existing ones – today.

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Tomi Davies says August 9, 2018

I’m mentoring some entrepreneurs and welcome the insights you share as to how they can develop as humans with competence and capacity to create value in our world today.

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