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hybrid car for millennials

Millennials are known to be the most environmentally concerned generation at the moment and for a good reason. The past decade or so has seen a huge increase in the frequency and intensity of climatic changes are affecting the planet at an exponential rate, and if we continue at this pace, we may soon lose a significant percentage of the glaciers and the ozone layer.

Small life changes for an environmentally big step

The change can reside in small daily changes each of us can make, which in time, add up. For example, replacing an incandescent light bulb with an LED can save you about $150 per year, which is a small fortune when you multiply it by the number of bulbs in your house.

Yet, to make a real impact, this generation has to address the real problem, pollutions due to cars. Are electric vehicles the way to go?

Hybrid vs. Electrical cars

Although this new generation should be more open to technological innovations and novelties, a survey shows that 70% of them are not interested in buying an electric car or a self-driving one. The discouraging factors for these vehicles are the short range of operation, the high costs and the long time to charge.

Millennials buying

However, the same group is highly interested in hybrid cars which bring in the best of both worlds, combustion and electric. A survey from Nissan shows that three-quarters of millennials consider that switching to an eco-friendly car is the best action they can take in the hope of a sustainable future.

The good news is that this generation is ready to make significant lifestyle changes to accommodate a green living. They are concerned with sustainability and renewable energy.

Getting a Hybrid

Although most millennials mean well and want to be part of the change they wish to see in the world, going eco is not as affordable as a second-hand diesel. In fact, even the cheapest hybrids are between $20-26K. Adding to this the student loans most young people still have, it follows that the most environmentally friendly vehicle they can afford is a bike.


Yet, there are financing options specially designed for this new generation. Upstart is a top-rated company which looks at more than just your credit score. They get it that most millennials spend a few more years in school and they might not have a long credit history, but they have the skills to earn fast six-figure paychecks.

The great thing is that they look at your education and other experiences when evaluating your application and they offer very flexible terms and loan amounts. They even provide the option of granting a personal loan to self-employed individuals since they are aware that Generation Y members are entrepreneurial.

Final thoughts

The 90’s kids are all grown up now and ready to make a positive change in the world. They take all the lessons they learned about recycling, global warming and going eco-friendly and strive to incorporate them into their daily routines.

This generation cares about their legacy, and they attempt to lower their carbon footprint and do so consistently. They take the environmental matters seriously and put their money where their heart is.

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Serg Carngo says April 13, 2018

Boutique electric car manufactures are numerous in California, most prominently headed by Tesla. These companies either make all electric vehicles from the ground up, or alter gas-engine cars to render them electrics. Both of these motoring alternatives are very expensive, and likely beyond the means of the “average” car or truck buyer.

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