Energy Saving Gadgets For The Home And Office


With raising awareness surrounding our carbon footprint and energy usage, it’s probably time to start assessing the very places you live and work.

Whilst it’s easy to say you’re going to save energy, many people quickly find that the office and home throw up a number of obstacles. Yet, with the right knowledge and persistence, making your office and home more green and less wasteful is far easier than many people think.

Below we have listed a number of energy saving gadgets for the home and office.

Top Energy Saving Gadgets For The Home And Office

LED Lighting

Whether for the home of office, LED lighting is definitely the way forward when it come to energy-saving lighting!

Whilst many people hark on about energy saving lightbulbs, these generally take so long to warm up that you’re just about ready leave the room again before they reach full power.

LEDs on the other hand produce maximum light at the lowest energy output. The best bit is they’re not only cheap to run, but cheap to purchase!

Solar Charger Kits

Without doubt the best way to use energy is by harnessing mother nature! This is quite obviously the best way to reduce your energy output and carbon footprint. Enter solar charger kits.

With a range of sizes and voltage outputs, solar charger kits can be used to charge many of your home and office gadgets such as mobiles, laptops and even camera gear!

Just select the output power you want depending on your gadget and your good to go. The best bit is they’re super portable so you can use the same one at work and home.

Radiator Booster

Not many people have heard of radiator boosters, yet there usefulness cannot be underestimated. Even if your radiators are in perfect working order (which many are not), you still loose heat from behind the grates.

Therefore, the radiator booster tube is placed on top of the radiator and sucks up the escaping heat to circulate it back into the room.

Manufactures state that the booster raises temperatures by up to 3°C in a room. This little gadget can be placed on any radiator in the office or home and will probably save you upwards of a £150 per year.

Smart Meters

Placed upon your wall, these digital screen meters can track your gas and electricity consumption whilst automatically sending the data to your energy supplier for more accurate readings.

Whilst this means you wont get anymore inaccurate bills, it also means you can track where you use most of your energy and cut back.

According to the UK government, every energy supplier by law must offer one of the smart meters to consumers by the end of 2020.

Smart Shower Heads

Do you ever wonder how much water your waste through the shower waiting for the water to heat up?

Well luckily the Smart Shower Head stops this problem. The smart shower head waits until the water temperature has reached its optimum before allowing all the water to pass through the head.

Some studies believe this can save ups to 8,000 gallons of water a year!

Charging Stations

Last but not least is charging stations. Most people don’t know that 8% of the average energy bill is made up of ‘phantom power’.

This is the energy used when your phone or laptop has been fully charged but the switch remains on. Charging stations on the other hand actually switch off as soon as your gadget reached maximum charge, saving you a good 8% on your bill!

From Smart Meters to Smart Shower Heads, all these gadgets can save you every and money and in both the home and the office. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort and you can pick these gadgets up at most retail stores. For added savings try HotUKSavings where you’ll find vouchers for most of the main gadget retailers.

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