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In the fast-paced world that we live in, we often drop the ball a little when it comes to being eco-friendly in the places that we spend most of our time. Many of us believe that to create an eco-friendly space to live or work in requires a lot of money. Yet this just isn’t true anymore. There are tons of gadgets and eco-friendly products designed to not only save you money, but to also save the planet.

To help you on your eco-friendly journey, below we have listed our favourite eco-friendly products for the house and office. Yes, you may not be able to use them all, but even using just one will help you on your way to becoming greener!

Light Sensors

At some point, we’ve all been guilty of leaving a room with the light turned on or returning home to find the bathroom or kitchen light still on. The best way around this is to use motion sensor lights. This is particularly useful in the office environment where lighting is far more significant than in the house. Motion sensor gadgets are now so advanced that they can sense if there is enough natural light in the room to warrant turning on or dimming down. Perfect for saving money without even thinking!


The Mistbox is a connected device that you attach to your existing air-conditioning units. The Mistbox uses evaporative cooling to pre-cool the intake air on your aircon unit to boost efficiency and create shorter run times. The Mistbox is ideal for offices with loads of AC units and reportedly saves 30% on your cooling bill.

Water Clock

Although it sounds odd, you can now buy a clock that is operated by water. Forget batteries or electricity, simply add water to the fill cap and watch as your clock keeps perfect time! Electrodes within the water container convert ions into an electric current strong enough to power the water clock for 3-months. The clock comes with a built in memory chip to ensure that you never have to reset the time while changing the water.


It’s really no surprise that the inventor of LED lights won the Millennium Technology Prize as LED bulbs are by far the most eco-friendly and efficient light bulbs on the market. Yes, they are more expensive, but since their invention, the price of LED lights has been decreasing steadily. LED light can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% and will generally last around the 100,000 hour mark – significantly longer than any other light bulbs on the market. Absolutely perfect for any office or home.

Smart Shower Head

Smart shower heads are fast becoming must-have products for the home. Every year, each person on average wastes in excess of 8,000 gallons of water waiting for the shower to heat up. Luckily, smart shower heads reduce water flow until the water temperature reaches the optimum point. Imagine how much water could be saved across the world if we all owned one!

Solar Gadgets

Solar power is now one the best alternatives to electricity and there are loads of solar gadgets you can use in the office and home to save on your electricity usage. Solar charging stations, solar lawnmowers, outdoor solar lights, solar backpacks and solar-powered speakers are just some of the many solar gadgets on offer.

So there it is, 6 eco-friendly products for the house and office that you should definitely start using. We know there are loads of eco-friendly products out there and it can often seem a little daunting to choose which is the right one for you. Just makes sure to read reviews before purchasing and stick to products that you know will make a difference to you personally.

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