The World’s Best Eco-Friendly Hotels

The World’s Best Eco-Friendly Hotels

Pollution and waste are tremendous issues for our planet today. Now is the time to give back and make eco-friendly choices when it comes to traveling. Book a fantastic eco-friendly hotel and car at and begin your trip with our planet in mind.

Royal Lancaster London

The Royal Lancaster is conveniently located amongst London’s most famous attractions. This 5-star hotel is impressive for its luxurious interior and eco-conscious practices. Some of these practices include reducing waste by recycling, low energy light bulbs, and sustainable cutlery and crockery. There are beehives on the rooftop with over half a million bees. Creating endless amounts of delicious honey for guests and a safe home for bees.

Crosby Street Hotel New York

The Crosby Street Hotel resides in the center of SoHo. It has received the second highest rating by the LEED Gold Certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. The best part of what makes this hotel eco-friendly is its large rooftop garden. Not only does the restaurant use all produce from the garden, it acts as a “green roof” absorbing heat from the sun and keeping the rest of the building cool. Crosby Street Hotel takes other green initiatives like reducing water usage, recycling, eco-friendly cleaning products, and offering charging facilities for cars.

The Park Hyderabad India

The Park Hyderabad is a top of the line hotel found in the center of Hyderabad in India. The exterior design of the hotel encourages the use of natural light, reducing its need for electricity. The Park Hyderabad is the first hotel in India to receive a LEED Gold Certification.

Alila Villas Soori Indonesia

The Alila Villas are located on the Southwest coast of Bali. This is the resort to stay in to reach complete relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. It is built from local materials such as sandstone and volcanic rock and remains cool with an abundance of plants. This resort depends fully off of rainwater, giving it excellent water efficiency. All ingredients, goods, and services are local to support Bali and its people.

Whitepod Switzerland

Fulfill all your igloo dreams and stay in this “eco-luxury” pod in the heart of the Swiss Alps. These pods have little to no environmental impact due to how minimal their self-supporting beams are. Each pod is private and is heated by a wood stove. The lighting is all LED and there’s even a local spring nearby to remove your need for bottled water. The hotel uses water saving taps and put timers on boilers, encouraging you to decrease your water usage.

Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives

The Jumeirah Vittaveil is a luxury resort implementing various unique eco-friendly practices. Not only does the resort use LED light bulbs, it collects the heat created by generators and uses it to heat water. The resort uses an “Eco Pure” system that takes seawater and desalinates it for fresh drinking water. This water is then placed in recycled glass bottles to save on waste. By doing so, the hotel saves on 50,000 plastic bottles a year.

Hi Hotel, France

This hotel is located in Nice, France featuring a private beach and rooftop pool. This hotel has received the Green Globe certification for using various green measures. Such as organic paint, eco-friendly cleaning products, recycled paper, organic food, and even toiletries without packaging. The Hi Hotel offers bicycles for transport.

Garonga Safari Camp South Africa

Immerse yourself in African wildlife and explore the Makalali Conservancy just 90 minutes from Kruger National Park. Garonga Safari Camp offers 6 luxurious tents made of sustainable materials and are solar powered. Garonga believes in offering employment to local communities and sourcing food and goods locally as well. They encourage guests to plant Spesbok Trees to give back to nature. Other green practices Garonga partakes in are heater pumps, a Bio-Gas system, water treatment, and vegetable garden.

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