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17 Benefits Of Car Sharing – Save Time, Money, and Help the Environment

Benefits of Car Sharing

The benefits of car sharing are incredible! Car sharing offers flexibility and convenience. It also provides significant environmental, financial, lifestyle, and social benefits. You can even create easy passive income through car sharing apps like Turo!  Here are 17 benefits of car sharing. But first, below is a special discount for our readers! Table of Contents Car […]

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11 Expert Tips For Creating A Brochure For Your Business


As any business owner will know, promotion and publicity is key to success. An effective marketing strategy is worth the investment as it manages to pull in a wide range of consumers. Brochures in particular are one cost effective way to spread the word about your company. With an eye-catching design and just enough information […]

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The World’s Best Eco-Friendly Hotels

The World’s Best Eco-Friendly Hotels

Pollution and waste are tremendous issues for our planet today. Now is the time to give back and make eco-friendly choices when it comes to traveling. Book a fantastic eco-friendly hotel and car at and begin your trip with our planet in mind. Royal Lancaster London The Royal Lancaster is conveniently located amongst London’s […]

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Wrike Review – Is The Software Up For the Challenges Of 2018?


Since Wrike Software was founded in 2006, a lot has changed and evolved – software itself didn’t collect dust sitting on the shelf but kept progressing with the time of the tech revolution. Ever since, Wrike has learned from over 12,000 companies using it regularly. Since knowledge is power, the company utilized it very well […]

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How Do Merchant Cash Advances Work – And Are They Worth It?


As a small business, accessing capital to finance a growth strategy can be challenging. Bank loans are often difficult to get and come with tough terms, and getting financed via friends and family can result in more pain than gain. One solution is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) – a loan that is paid off […]

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Accessing Capital – Small Business Loans And Other Financing Options


Small business loans are often incredibly difficult to come by – and challenging to pay off. They can be real financial burdens to businesses trying to push off the ground, especially with sky high interest rates, and they do generally benefit larger companies only. As a small business owner, it can seem that unless you’ve […]

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Electric Motorcycle Trends – What Does The Future Hold?


With the prediction that the electric scooter and motorcycle market will hit 60 million unit shipments by 2024 – the equivalent of $55bn – according to Global Market Insights, Inc., there has never been a more exciting time to follow the progress of electric two-wheel vehicles. Following the boom of the electric car and advancements […]

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Ecosia: The Ethical Way To Browse The Internet


In a society where we’re being warned that if we don’t clean our act up, we’ll ruin planet Earth and its environment, it’s no wonder that individuals want to find out how they can contribute to saving their home. One way to do just that is through using an ethical way to browse the internet: […]

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Increasing The Efficiency Of Business Processes


According to market research firm IDC, companies lose 20 to 30 per cent in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. This is due in large part to siloed systems and overly complicated processes. But, rather than address these issues, several businesses continue to ‘make do’ with the same systems and processes because of misconceptions about […]

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Typeform Review – Online Survey Software That Works


Typeform is a Barcelona-based piece of software that is firmly with the times. It is a platform that is able to enhance communication via screens, allowing close and conversational-style interaction online while collecting purposeful information from respondents. From quizzes to online order forms to customer satisfaction surveys, like the Net Promoter Score, there’s a typeform […]

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