Bluewater Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units

Normal septic systems can cause groundwater pollution and hurt the environment.

Pollution can come from metals, microbes, volatile synthetic organic compounds, or other substances. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce or prevent pollution.

Here are some eco-friendly advanced wastewater treatment units and accessories. And check out the special offer below to save money! 

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Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units – Easy to Order Online

1. Little Giant Wastewater Collection & Removal System

Little Giant's WCR-9SS wastewater system is designed for collection and removal of sewage, effluent, or wastewater. 

It is low-cost and doesn’t require any digging. All you have to do is assemble and install!

This pre-packaged sewage system is ideal for sewage collection and primarily used in bathrooms located in the basement. The kit includes everything you need, and the instructions are easy to follow!

2. Liberty Pumps Sewage System

This is heavy-duty system arrives pre-assembled to save time. 

It is stainless steel and offers a large 41-gallon capacity and longer pump cycles for extended pump life.

Furthermore, it has great reviews on Amazon! Check it out!

3. Superior Pump Cast Iron Sewage Pump with Basin Kit

This sewage system pumps up to 4800 gallons per hour and can pump water up to 25 vertical feet.

The kit is easy to assemble and is a great pump at a great price! 

Additionally, Superior Pump is a family-owned business that prides itself on quality.

Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Septic Tank Treatment Accessories

1. Eco-Friendly Dissolvable Easy Flush Live Bacteria Packets

Just flush these dissolvable packets down your toilet once a month to have a clean and healthy septic system!

It is easy to see why these are bestsellers! They are all-natural and environmentally friendly with no chemical additives!

These little packets can prevent expensive septic backups and repairs. And they are great for boats and RVs too!

Check out all the amazing reviews!

2. Biodegradable Septic Saver Treatment Pods

Similarly, these biodegradable septic treatment pods can be flushed once per month to protect your septic system and prevent costly backups and floods.

These will help your septic system smell better and prevent pollution. 

They work for all septic systems and are even strong enough for commercial buildings!

3. 100% Natural Septic System Maintenance Packs and Powder

This 100% all-natural septic system maintenance pack comes in a convenient pod and powder. 

Rid-X is the number one brand used by septic professionals. It is gentle on pipes and tanks.

Check out the brand that has been trusted by consumers for over 50 years!

Bluewater Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units

Lastly, another option is Bluewater. Bluewater manufactures Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units (ATUs). 

Through an innovative design process, Bluewater products are a greener more sustainable approach to septic systems. 

Effluent from a Bluewater ATU is at least 40 times cleaner than a septic tank whilst also being 20 times quicker than traditional septic systems. 

Bluewater ATUs breakdown all organic waste in the system. A unique circulation process repeats and continues to breakdown 100% of all organic waste introduced to the ATU.

Contaminants to groundwater raises many sustainability concerns. However, this revolutionary wastewater treatment significantly reduces pollution.

For more information, visit Bluewater’s website:

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