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The major concern with the design and usage of normal septic systems is the potential of groundwater pollution. Pollution can come from metals, microbes, volatile synthetic organic compounds or other substances. In the US, septic tanks are reported as a source of ground water contamination more than any other source. Forty-six states cite septic systems as sources of groundwater pollution; nine of these reported them to be the primary source of groundwater contamination in their state.

Bluewater manufactures Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units (ATUs). Through a innovative design process Bluewater products are a greener more sustainable approach to septic systems. Effluent from a Bluewater ATU is at least 40 times cleaner than a septic tank whilst also being 20 times quicker than traditional septic systems. The unique process supports naturally occurring micro-organisms contained in the influent, whilst accelerating the growth of these organisms through the introduction of extra oxygen to the ATU via an air blower mounted on a plinth at ground level. This guarantees the breakdown of all organic waste in the system. A unique circulation process repeats and continues to breakdown 100% of all organic waste introduced to the ATU.

The introduction of contaminants to groundwater raises many sustainability concerns however through this revolutionary wastewater treatment, the pollutant strength of the effluent produced is significantly reduced and is cleaner than the discharge from many treatment plants that operate throughout the main cities of the US. Wastewater treatment and septic tank regulations often restrict the placement of traditional systems where they may effect temperamental ecosystems, however Bluewater can be installed in prohibited locations due to the discharge purity.

The Bluewater unit is currently seeking legislative approval in the majority of US states. With future approvals the ‘green’ benefits of Bluewater will provide a more sustainable option for home wastewater systems, improve the viability of land and decrease groundwater pollutants.

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