Environmental Benefits Of Car Sharing


With the ever-increasing threat of climate change to the human race, many people are taking the environment into their own hands. One of the ways in which this is happening is through car sharing.

Rather than travelling to work alone in a car, more and more individuals are coming together and commuting as a group. Some put their heads together and organise it alone. Some, though, use a car share service where like-minded individuals come together via an organised structure.

The sceptics among us may wonder – quite rightly – what the environmental benefits of car sharing actually are. So we thought we’d put together a guide on how car sharing can positively impact the world around us – and why you should consider doing it.

1. Fewer cars = fewer emissions


One of the most obvious environmental benefits of car sharing is the fact that it leads to less emissions. At the end of the day, the more people sharing a car means the less cars there are on the road. The less cars there are, the fewer the emissions.

Emissions are key in terms of environmental conservation as they contribute hugely to the changing climate we find ourselves in. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, car emissions cause 75% of carbon monoxide emissions in the US.

2. Fewer cars = fewer oil and petrol purchases


You don’t have to be a genius to know that oil and petrol are great polluters of the environment. Their extraction can cause great harm to natural beauty spots, hence why Antarctica has been protected from drilling, and they often lead to international conflict.

So the less cars we have on the road, thanks to those who are car sharing, the environmental benefits are that there is less of an emphasis on oil and petrol. These resources are eventually going to run out as well, so the more of it we can save and conserve, the better for the future.

3. Car sharing = newer cars


Usually, those who are car sharing are using cars that are newer and more suitable for the environment. According to Intelligent Energy Europe, shared cars are smaller than newer than those in the average household.

The importance of newer cars is paramount in terms of the environmental benefits of car sharing. Generally speaking, the newer the car is, the more environmentally-friendly the car is. It will be up-to-date with regulations, more fuel efficient and technologically appropriate.

4. Car sharing = freedom of choice


Perhaps one of the most interesting things about car sharing is the freedom of choice available to the customers or organisers. If you are to use a car share service, you are able to choose which type of car is more appropriate for you.

For example, if you are heading out on a small shopping trip, you don’t need a large car. You can tailor your needs depending on the circumstance. In terms of the environmental benefits of car sharing in this way, you are only doing what is necessary.

Ultimately, there is much less strain on the environment if everyone (or at least some people) only use what they need to, rather than end up in excess.

5. Car sharing = less infrastructure and expansion


We’re not saying car sharing means there are no buildings. We’re saying that one of the major environmental benefits of car sharing is that there is less of an emphasis on parking infrastructure and road expansion.

The less cars on the road, the less of a need for an expansion of roads which ultimately lead to the erosion of natural beauty spots. As well as this, the building of the infrastructure will create emissions too. So the less of it needed, the better.

Good luck with your car sharing! Stay green.

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