Bluetti EB3A – 2024 Full Review | Ultra-Fast Charge & Sleek Design

See why the Bluetti EB3A is the ultimate portable power station for all your adventures.

With its sleek design and powerful battery, this device is perfect for camping trips, road trips, overlanding, and any other outdoor activity where you need reliable power. Plus, it can keep your family connected during a storm or blackout

The EB3A offers multiple charging options, including solar panels for 100% green energy. Decrease your electricity bill at home or take it on the road to power your essentials. 

The gold-standard port selection can power 9 devices at once, so you never run out of plugs again. 

Check out our full review and buyer's guide to see if it is right for you!

Bluetti EB3A - Full Review and Buyer's Guide

We conducted a full review of the Bluetti EB3A based on its features, specs, power, and performance. 




Additional Information


-60min charge


-Can power 9 devices at once

-Use it for CPAP, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Lights, Drone, Cameras, Fans, Mini-Fridge and more

-Affordable, well-priced

-Solar panels available

Bluetti EB3A | Easily Power 9 Devices at Once

The Bluetti EB3A is the ultimate lightweight, compact, and versatile portable power station. With a gold-standard port selection and the ability to power 9 devices at once, 

Perfect for small devices on the road or at home. Use it to power your CPAP, phone, tablet, drone, camera, laptop, mini-fridge and more while camping or at home during emergencies. 

At only 10lbs and 268Wh, the Bluetti EB3A has got you covered. It is light and easy to carry.  Plus, it is well-priced and affordable. No wonder it is a bestseller on Amazon with tons of positive reviews. See for yourself! 

What's In the Box

  • BLUETTI EB3A portable power station,
  • AC charging cable,
  • solar charging cable,
  • user manual,
  • 2-year warranty 

Battery Capacity and Power

For such a small device, the battery capacity and power are outstanding.

It offers 268Wh with 600W output. That means you can power all of your essential small devices at home and on the road. 

Protect yourself against extreme weather and power outages by having power for your lights, CPAP machine, fan, phone, internet, laptop, and mini-fridge. 

Bluetti EB3A Battery Capacity and Power - Can power a drone for 4.5 hours, fan for 1.1 hours, laptop for 3.5 hours

Plus, the LifePO4 batteries have built-in safety features and an automatic Battery Management System to protect against overloads and surges. 

Port Selection and Performance

The port selection and performance really set Bluetti apart. 

It can power 9 devices at once and includes 2 AC outlets, 2 USB ports, 1 Type C port, 1 car port, and 2 DC plugins, 

Our readers love the wireless charging pads. Just set your phone down and let Bluetti do the rest! 


The EB3A has a lot of standard features available with most solar generators today.

Bluetooth App 

The Bluetooth App lets you easily control the unit from anywhere. You can monitor your energy usage, see how much battery it has left, turn it on/off, and make adjustments all from your phone. 

LCD Display

Plus, the LCD Display is clear and bright. It shows all of the pertinent information such as remaining charge time, battery capacity, power, and more. 

Although some of our readers say it is slightly inaccurate at times. Luckily, that doesn't take away from the power and performance! 

Eco Mode

You can also turn the unit to "Eco Mode" to save energy. Eco Mode turns the battery off automatically after 4 hours or no load to save power. 

LED Light

Additionally, the front of the unit includes an LED light for easy use in the dark. 

Whisper Quiet

Lastly, the EB3A is whisper quiet. It has powerful fans to keep the unit cool, but they aren't too loud. Our readers say they don't get above 48dbs which is barely audible. 


The sleek design offers an easy grip handle to carry the unit on a camping trip or move it from room to room at home. 

At only 10lbs, it is roughly the size of a case of a beer. You can easily fit it in a backpack for easy transport. 


Finally, there are 4 ways to charge the unit. You can get from 0 - 80% in 30mins and full charging takes 60 mins. 

  • AC charging via the a wall outlet
  • AC charging + solar
  • Solar
  • Car charging. 

Pros and Cons

Pros - What We Like

  • Quick charging (0 - 80% in 30mins, 60 min full charge)
  • Lightweight, easy to carry (10lbs)
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Compatible solar panels available
  • Can power 9 devices at once
  • 268Wh
  • Bluetooth app
  • Multiple ways to charge

Cons - What We Would Change

  • Our readers say that sometimes the LCD display is inaccurate which is slightly inconvenient
  • Also, some have reported a strange smell when using it for the first time which is odd, but doesn't seem to take away from the unit's performance

Bluetti EB3A - Combo Pack with Solar Panel

You can purchase the Bluetti EB3A with a solar panel in a convenient combo pack for 100% clean energy. The kit includes everything you need and the solar panel plugs right in! 

No more paying for electricity, just harness the power of the sun!

Alternatives with More Power

If you want back-up power for your entire home or if you want to keep your fridge running for several days, then you are better off purchasing a larger portable power station like the ones below. 

1. EcoFlow Delta 2 - Power for Days

If you want a larger unit that can power your entire house for days then the EcoFlow Delta 2 is for you.

It can easily power 15 devices at once! Including your full-sized refrigerator, cooking supplies, washer, dryer, air conditioner, heater, TV, router, and more. 

It is also available in a combo pack with solar panels

2. Bluetti AC200P - Power 17 Devices at Once

The Bluetti AC200P is a power monster with 2,000Wh and the ability to power 17 devices at once! It can handle 99% of appliances and home devices, including a full-sized refrigerator. 

Enjoy the wireless charging pads and know your family is safe and protected at all times!

Also available with compatible solar panels


The Bluetti EB3A is a great unit to use when camping or in the outdoors. It is also good for home use but is only meant for smaller devices. 

It is a well-priced unit and the quick charge and extraordinary port selection set it apart. Especially the wireless charging pad and its ability to charge 9 devices at once. 

Great for people that want something small without spending a ton of money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the Bluetti EB3A last?

The Bluetti EB3A has a lifespan of over 2,500 cycles. After that point, the capacity drops to 80%. 

2. Can the Bluetti EB3A power a full-sized refrigerator?

The Bluetti EB3A is not powerful enough to power a full-sized refrigerator. However, it can power a mini fridge for 3.5 hours. 

You would need to upgrade to the Bluetti AC200P to power a full sized refrigerator. 

3. Is Bluetti a good brand?

Yes, Bluetti is a trusted brand with a great track record. It was founded in 2019 so is a bit new to the industry, but they use the latest technology and are constantly coming out with new and improved products. 

4. Is Bluetti better than EcoFlow or Jackery?

In our opinion, EcoFlow is better than Bluetti because they offer superior products that are more reliable and better priced. However, Bluetti is a great brand that offers quality portable power stations with incredible port selection. Lastly, Jackery is an amazing brand for rugged and budget-friendly portable power stations. 

5. Is the Bluetti EB3A worth it?

Yes, the peace of mind that comes with owning a portable power station is worth it. Having the Bluetti EB3A means you will always have power for your most important small devices. You and your family can stay connected at all times no matter what. 

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