Zoho Books Review

zoho books review

Our Verdict: 4/5

Zoho Books is a cloud-based accounting software framework that offers usability and affordability to small and medium businesses alike.

This cloud based software has all your basics covered. Accounting functions such as invoices, reports and tracking payments are easily performed using Zoho Books. Simply sync the software with your accounts and you’re ready to go.

Cloud based accounting software allows small businesses to focus on income generating activities and gives owners the time to focus on growth and sustainability. Zoho Books is simple to navigate, which means that accounting tasks don’t have to be a dauntingly long procedure; they can be quick and easy.

Zoho Books also manages income statements, expense reports, as well as bank reconciliations and financial statements. You can easily track inventory, manage accounts receivable, and prepare and issue 1099’s.

Let’s have a look at why you as a business owner should choose Zoho Books.

Why Choose Zoho Books?

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which accounting software to go with. As a small business you should always be looking for three things: value, functionality and the right price, and these are three things that Zoho Books brings to the table.

You will realise the value of this software as you are able to manage four to five different aspects of your business because of their suite of products. Automation of your accounting functions means you enjoy great functionality, and the price is cheaper than its competitors’.

Let’s have a closer look at the price, a few pros and cons and the main features that Zoho Books offer.

Key Takeaway

Because of the fact that Zoho Books has no payroll functions, we think it is best suited for sole proprietors, home-based businesses or freelancers.

However, the fact that Zoho Books provides a suite of products which allow you to manage four to five different aspects of your business is a plus, and that’s a perk that none of its competitors have on offer right now.


There are three plans on offer: basic, standard and the professional plan. The price difference between them is ten dollars each, with the basic plan starting at $9 per month, and the professional version coming in at $29 per month.

The difference between the plans comes down to the number of users. While the basic plan allows only one user, the standard plan allows for two, and the professional allows for nine; with one accountant being able to access the software on all plans.


  • Ease of use – Setting up an account is as simple as entering the required details. Accounting tasks are made simple too, with Zoho Books’ straightforward user dashboard.
  • Time Saving features – Automation features allow you to streamline invoicing, online payments and more.
  • Customer service – Provides 24/5 customer support for the U.S., Australia and India.
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    Suite of products – Existing products sync easily once connected to Zoho Books, and currently no other competitor offers this.


  • No payroll services.
  • Like its competitors, Zoho Books integrates with third party productivity apps such as Google apps, credit card processors etc.

Main Features

  • You are able to import all bank/credit card transactions
  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Zoho Books offers inventory tracking facilities
  • You will be able to prepare and issue 1099s
  • Bank reconciliations and reconciling credit card accounts can be done using Zoho Books
  • You will be able to prepare financial statements using this accounting software

Final Say

If you’re looking to get the most functionality at the best price, Zoho Books is the software for you. From the start, the setup and dashboard provides a user friendly experience that would favour even the most clueless tech individuals. Once your accounts are synced to the software, it’s easy to automate your accounting functions.

With your accounting functions are automated, you’ll free up lots of time to do other things. Consider the stress of tracking income and expenses, bank reconciliations and so much more being a thing of the past. Zoho Books will ease that stress and so much more.

Zoho Books will provide the value for money that small businesses need, especially as they are in the growth phase. Gaining time, saving money and extracting value is what small businesses need, and that’s exactly what Zoho Books accounting software provides.

About the Author Greg Jacobs

Greg is a business graduate from the University of Cape Town. Passionate about the interface of technology with small business, Greg covers all things business software at the Sustainable Business Toolkit.

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