Sage 50cloud Review – Cloud-Based Accounting Software From Sage

sage 50cloud review

Sage 50cloud is an online software dedicated to the accounting matters of small-to-medium-sized businesses.

The software is perfect for controlling and managing tax payments, inventories, a business’ cash flow, budgeting, invoicing and it even has credit card processing features too. This latest software from Sage, an already prestigious and reliable company for any business, regardless of size, is grounded in both the cloud and the desktop where accounts are stored securely and data is retained without the fears of the typical, age-old computer losses.

Linked with Microsoft Office 365, the Sage 50cloud software also offers tools which aids business organisation and cohesion, making life as a small-to-medium business owner that bit easier.

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One of the major concerns of a modern-day business is storage and accessibility. Accounting takes up a lot of storage, but these day the cloud can solve that problem. Sage 50cloud is linked to the One Drive cloud which allows for your data and information to be stored in there, backed up and accessed anywhere at any time. As well as this, the software also allows you to track bills and purchases while also directly linking bank accounts to contacts in a way that before has either not been possible or has been an irritating and painstaking process.

We love that the Sage 50cloud software recognises the different models of running a business in 2018. It is accessible from any device – your computer, your laptop, your tablet and even your mobile phone, meaning it reflects the way in which work and business is part of our everyday lives and we can be away from work, but attend to important issues on our phones in the palm of our hands.

You can use the software while you’re on the go at any time, which is incredibly helpful for extremely busy users as it also minimises time spent on mundane tasks such as accounting and financing. Everything is much quicker on your phone and so reducing the time spent staring at a computer screen, waiting for a result to be generated is much appreciated with Sage 50cloud as you can focus on your passion more: running your business.

Perhaps the USP of the software is its links with Office 365, the Microsoft software which provides users with access to e-mails alongside other tools that help a business to grow and organise. Office 365 and Sage work well together and are definitely compatible, which is one of the best things about the software, especially as users can get Sage Intelligence Reporting, industry-renowned financial management reports production system which, on Sage 50cloud uses Excel, on your mobile phone

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Pros & Cons of Sage 50cloud


  1. All of your accounting information is backed up to the One Drive cloud, meaning it is always saved and secure as well as being readily available.
  2. The software is affordable and great value for money. You get a great deal for what you pay as you can manage your business finances while also having unlimited access to many useful Office 365 features.
  3. Sage 50cloud is quick and easy to use with a simple navigation desktop and a drag-and-drop template.


  1. You cannot run the programme on a Mac, so you will have to adjust to this, or simply work from a Microsoft laptop or computer.
  2. Contacting the support team for help is quite expensive and there is often quite a long waiting time.

Get 50% OFF Sage 50cloud

Get 50% off Sage 50cloud Accounting for the first 3 months (until 25th Nov)


An in-depth look at Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud is really a software that works for you as it is Sage recognising that the modern workplace is significantly changing and that it is not static anymore. People work from home, on the go, and in the office too, of course, and so the cloud storage offered by this software is pretty much invaluable for a small-to-medium-sized business owner as you can access everything you want at any time you want.

The software is also really great as it allows you to track all accounts activity, control budgeting, tax management practices, purchase order management and trend analysis. There are plenty of opportunities on Sage 50cloud to track the progress of your business in real time, whilst analysing and creating projections for the future.

Sage 50cloud is also great as you can pay your bills and get your bills paid by checking and tracking invoices with the automated billing features provided by the software.

If you are a Microsoft user then of course Office 365 is a major selling point of the software package with everything is synchronized on the One Drive cloud while also providing access to newsfeed, Word, SharePoint and Planner features which are great for the admin and organisation side of business, especially if meetings are a frequent part of office life.

One slight contradiction of the Sage 50cloud is that some users do not want to use Office 365 and transfer all of their e-mails and information over to the server. Despite this, though, users have no choice but to pay for this part of the software package even if they have no interest in using it. Despite this, though, Sage provides real flexibility with the main features it offers to its users.

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Main features

  • One Drive cloud storage.
  • Available to use on PCs and phones.
  • Control of receipts which can be personalised to your clients.
  • Opportunity to calculate job costs, create estimates and conduct invoicing.
  • Bills can be tracked and paid on your mobile phone.
  • Sage Capture is an app for smartphones which allows you to upload photos of receipts and other hard-copy documents necessary for a business to run smoothly.
  • Drag-and-drop interface.
  • Multi-currency options are available.
  • Inter-linking software as when one change is made, it updates the rest of the system.
  • You can directly link Sage to your bank account.


There are three main packages for the Sage 50cloud software, the cheapest being the Essentials package which costs £20 per month for one user and includes managing cash flow and payments and secure cloud backups. The standard package costs £60 per month for one user and includes the management of up to ten companies, premium Office 365 and the opportunity to track and manage stock. The professional package costs £125 per month with the opportunity for 120 users where you can manage unlimited companies and get the same perks as the other packages with a multi-currency option too. For micro and small businesses, you may want to check out Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

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