Sage One Review – The Perfect Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Sage One Review – The Perfect Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Sage One is a clever cloud-based accounting and finance management system that is specifically built for small business owners.

The software takes care of documentation, taxes and all-things related to business income and expenditure, and come with bank-level security built-in. Sage One is a useful and high quality software suitable for businesses that prefer not to get bogged down with the numbers.

Our verdict – 9/10

Overall, we’ve given Sage One a solid 9/10 for its accounting services for businesses. The software is perfect for small businesses, in particular, as it removes the mounting tasks of invoicing and payments from the hands of the boss into the hands of a secure and accurate system. If you have your own small business, you don’t need the added burden of financial management, especially if you’re trying to grow, which is where Sage One steps in.

Sage One can take care of pricing quotes, estimates, statements and invoices for you while also managing your tax in line with the most recent legislation in your jurisdiction. This evidently creates space in a small business’ diary; space that can be used to develop and expand a business.

The software also offers the same security you’d find at your bank, so your company’s finances are protected. Moreover, Sage One is based in the cloud, so any updates to the software don’t affect you or soak up your time; instead, you’ll always be using the latest version of the software as it is all done online. As well as this, Sage One offers the opportunity to run more than a dozen financial reports at once to help you analyse the financial performance of your business.

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  1. The software keeps up to date with tax legislation for you. For those in the UK, Sage One promises to manage your business’ compliance with VAT and Auto Enrolment legislation alongside the added pledge to keep on top of the latest Brexit legislation too.
  2. Sage One is firmly aligned with those who wish to grow their businesses; the 24/7-customer support feature allows businesses to get quick answers and on-going support. This can be accessed via phone, e-mail or web support.
  3. The interface of Sage One is clear and quick to navigate, so very little time is needed to figure out how to use the software.


  1. Although Sage One allows you to create invoices, you cannot add receipts to them which may be an issue for some small businesses.
  2. Sage One does not allow you to create automatic payment reminders, add expenses to invoices or create purchase orders

An in-depth look

Sage One is ultimately a great tool for small businesses looking to share the workload. It can be tough managing sales, advertising, employment and the rest if you only have a small team. That’s why Sage One is a good bet if you want to stay on-top of the important finance side of your business without getting bogged down. As the software is highly secure and is linked to all major banks in the UK and US, Sage One is a safe and steady expense management system that you can trust with your company’s financial matters.

While Sage One doesn’t let you create automatic payment reminders, there are other ways you can do that outside of the software. Create a spreadsheet, note it on a calendar or set a reminder on a computer or phone. It is a pain to do that but, compared to the work you’d be doing if you didn’t have Sage One, it’s a bugbear you can definitely live with. As well as this, Sage One does let you create invoices at the tip of your fingers as well as estimates and pricing quotes which seriously aid a boss wanting to shred their workload.

In terms of ease, Sage One has that covered. The interface you log in to can be navigated easily as the summary tabs on the dashboard provide starter tasks and graphs which you can interpret and alter with different specific information to produce the metrics you want to see. It is great software for analysing how your business is doing as the reports you can generate range from general ledgers to cash flow reports – two of which are important for really understanding and analysing businesses.

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Main features

  • Using the Start software package, you are able to create sales invoices in seconds.
  • The Start software package also allows you to see how much customers owe your company and through this you can chase overdue payments.
  • You can connect to your own bank account and reconcile it with your Sage One account. This allows relevant data to flow between the two.
  • You are able to calculate and submit VAT returns to HMRC knowing that your tax return is up-to-date with current legislation.
  • Mobile apps on iOS and Android make your business’ financial affairs portable and always in your hand.
  • There is 24/7 support available for you in the form of phone or e-mail, but also in webinars (online seminars)
  • Using the Accounting software, you are able to add more than one person to collaborate on your company’s financial affairs which is great if you intend on growing your business.
  • Using the Accounting software you can send a statement of all balances owed to you to any other party.
  • The Accounting plan enables you to create credit notes for returns and to offset against future payments.
  • The Accounting software also allows you to create pro-forma invoices that don’t affect your accounts until the customer pays them.


If you would like the basic, Start plan on Sage One, it will cost you £6 plus VAT per month. If you would like to use the upgraded, more advanced Accounting plan on Sage One, it will cost you £20 plus VAT per month. Both plans come with a 50% off discount for the first three months (Offer expires on 31 January 2018).

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