The Top Growth Sectors For New and Long Term Jobs

Top Growth Sectors For New Jobs

The global economy is always fluctuating and it seems this becomes more and more pronounced as the years roll on. That being said there are a number of sectors that have been growing for a while and are showing no signs of slowing down. These are the sectors that people should be turning too for new careers or jobs at almost every level.

The Past

To roll the past up into a few lines is a little pointless but it is always worth looking back before looking around at things now. There is no doubt that manufacturing has always been a huge staple for jobs and as a general sector, one that always seemed to keep going.

Then the service industry started picking up as people suddenly wanted to go on holiday abroad and the idea of taking mini breaks and nights away in hotels for a treat all started to come alive. But there are some new sectors on the block these days and career wise they can be very exciting indeed.

The Future

As well as looking at growing sectors it is also important to look at globalisation too. Where once each country tended to have its own sectors and areas of specialism industry as a whole is becoming truly global.

The language of business is also changing, it is now more popular than ever to default to English. This trend is highlighted by companies like that are offering online English lessons to people right across the globe.

The popularity and drive to learn English for work is growing year by year. While Mandarin is still spoken by more people many of these people are in China; globally English is the language of business.

Power and Energy

If one sector has always been a busy one it is power. Since the first light bulb was turned on people have wanted, needed and been willing to pay for power.

Now, of course, the industry encompasses a huge range of different areas but the really big growth area is renewable energy. Fossil fuel is still the major power source globally but for those looking to begin a career or find a sector to move into then renewables is the way to go.

This sector is literally only going one way but they key is not to get left out in the cold picking the wrong type of fuel. There is thousands of small companies working on new energy sources like it is a case of searching and contacting them. Generally jobs in renewable energy should be transferable but banking on a niche could be costly if it does work out.


This sector sits very closely to power and energy. In order to fulfil the ever growing need for more power and more green power the companies involved will be continually calling in engineers to make everything happen.

Add that to the unceasing need for new buildings, housing, roads and infrastructure and engineering becomes almost a panacea like sector that is the answer to it all.

This is a sector that is truly global with large scale projects including people from all over the world as global companies chose the very best to work on what they need.

IT and Tech

OK so here is the big one in terms of public awareness. If you ask anyone what the fastest growing and most exciting business sector is they will almost always say tech.

By this they automatically include websites, apps, e-commerce, phones, laptops, tablets, wrist fitness tools and more. But there is a lot more detail and a lot of different industries all rolled up in this sector.

Certainly the digital world including web design, marketing, social media and the like is a massive growth area. The more businesses that move online the more call there is for people to help them.

This is matched by the ever growing move to shopping, dating, ordering food, booking holidays etc online. The more we do it the more jobs there are to help service our needs. In almost every major town there will be at least 1 if not 10 digital marketing companies like who are working for this ever increasing client base.

But if this end of things is not for you then the research and development, the design and manufacturing of the endless devices we all crave is also a huge growth area. Humans simply cannot have enough toys and anyone in this sector is going to be very aware of this. As with renewable energy it is important to avoid following a lame duck but in terms of jobs and careers it is all very transferable.

There may be a lot of issues around employment, inflation and other more serious global worries but when it comes to the day to day need to find, grow and begin careers these sectors are firing on all cylinders and show no signs of doing otherwise. is certainly the first port of call for most people looking at entering any business sector, people that don’t have a profile may struggle to get a job. Even with a strong CV a lack of presence on this platform will lead to questions about the person. A good CV, a good Linkedin profile and a strong awareness o the right sector will set you on the right path for success.

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