11 Expert Tips For Creating A Brochure For Your Business


As any business owner will know, promotion and publicity is key to success.

An effective marketing strategy is worth the investment as it manages to pull in a wide range of consumers.

Brochures in particular are one cost effective way to spread the word about your company.

With an eye-catching design and just enough information to pull a customer in, designing a brochure is one of the best things you can do for your company.

Here are our 11 expert tips for creating a brochure for your business.

1. Pick a quality company


When it comes to creating a brochure, you need to ensure its quality is high. Nothing says bad business like a pixelated, low resolution brochure, so check out companies offering a service and their portfolios. One company that provides a brochure printing service is print24. They offer cost effective printing of the good quality we mentioned earlier.

2. Choose the right time of year


One of our 11 expert tips for creating a brochure for your business is to pick the right time of year for a new marketing strategy. If your business is launching a new Christmas range, for example, have your brochures ready in time for the very end of October/very beginning of November.

If you miss the Christmas period, don’t start your marketing in January – people are less likely to spend in this month because of the extra spending they have done over Christmas. Begin again in March or April, just ahead of (or the same time as) the new tax year.

3. Have the brochures delivered


One of the best ways to effectively get the word out about your business is having your brochures delivered. While some people will inevitably throw it sraight in the bin as it comes through their letterbox, some won’t. You never quite know what a person has been thinking about, or is tempted to buy, so getting brochures delivered is always a good option.

4. Choose a simple layout


Minimalism is the new trend. No one enjoys clutter or too much going on anymore. It’s aesthetically pleasing for things to appear simple, so picking a simple brochure layout is the best way to present your business as sleek, professional and up-to-date. We recommend going for a layout which involves adequade spacing and is perhaps inspired by geometric shapes and designs.

5. Pick a symbolic colour scheme


Another of our 11 expert tips for creating a brochure for your business is to pick a symbolic colour scheme. It’s also important that, like your layout, the colour scheme is simple.

Picking a symbolic colour scheme means understanding connotations. Red communicates romance, lust and danger. Navy blue connotes regality and nobility, as does purple. Yellow is associated with joy, sunshine and cheeriness. Think carefully about what you wish to communicate and use colours accordingly.

6. Display contact information clearly


There’s nothing quite as irksome as receiving a brochure so poorly designed that you can’t read the contact information properly. This can be due to the rookie error of using the wrong text colour, like white on an already light-coloured background. Or it can be putting information on top of a photograph – another mistake. Make sure contact details are clearly displayed and stand out. Otherwise your brochure fails.

7. Don’t overload it with information


Another sure way to put off customers is by overloading your brochure with information. If you have multiple large chunks of texts, get rid of them. It’s not useful to anyone. Say what you want to say in a few, short and effective lines. You don’t want to make your customers work and drop heavy reading material at their door. They’re busy people, so do the work for them. Key info only!

8. Make sure the brochure is branded effectively


One of the most important of our 11 tips for creating a brochure for your business is to ensure that the brochure helps build a strong brand identity. Branding is your company logo and slogan. Make sure it’s displayed effectively and memorably on the page. Don’t make it tiny and shove it in the corner of the page. Be proud of your company and display the logo in a way the customer will immediately recognise elsewhere.

9. Include customer testimonials


An excellent way of gaining business is through customer testimonials. If you include positive reviews, customers will trust your company a lot more than others. Display testimonials in a concise way, perhaps along the bottom of the brochure with a star rating above each review.

10. Always check for typos


Believe it or not, so many companies fail to check for typing errors in their brochures. It drives us mad. There is nothing more unprofessional than a typo in marketing material. Make sure your capital letters are correct, punctuation is correct (avoid using exclamation marks, or at least only use one. Never do this: ‘Buy now!!!’) and spelling is perfect.

11. Ensure the right people are seeing the brochure


And finally, our last tip of our 11 tips for creating a brochure for your company. Make sure you do your consumer research to ensure you’re sending your brochure to the right demographic of people. Get another company in to analyse this for you, or create your own surveys online and share across social media.

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