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Competent Project Management Is Vital To The Medical Device Industry


Project Management Medical devices can save lives and being involved in the development of this type of equipment is rewarding, exciting, and challenging (1). A project manager is responsible for making sure everything goes as planned, so it is a very important role when engaging in this type of development. Project managers must have a […]

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Bric By Bric: How Our Emerging Markets Are Tackling Carbon Emissions?

Recent times have seen businesses attempt to diversify their operations and target markets due to the economic instability. This has led to the emergence of new markets around the world, known as the BRICs, focusing on Brazil, Russia, India and China. As a result, the BRICs now represent one-third of the world’s total gross domestic […]

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Climate Change Perspectives – What Affects Our Views On Climate Change?

It is not too much of a push to say that, given the all-encompassing consequences, Climate Change could be considered as the greatest problem our modern civilisation has faced. It will affect every single person in the world either economically, meteorologically or socially and effect climate change perspectives – with its roots intertwined in our lives. […]

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Addressing The Link Between Business Growth And Emissions – A Tale Of Two Companies

Figures from DECC show that businesses were responsible for 15% of total UK greenhouse house gas emissions in 2011, with similar projections for 2012. This figure rapidly climbs when emissions related to power usage and upstream/downstream business activities are included. The all-connected world that we currently inhabit creates a vast and varied playing field for […]

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Can Good Energy’s New Local Electricity Tariff Reignite The UK Wind Industry?

Last year was a tumultuous one for the UK wind industry. Whether it was the Energy Minister John Hayes declaring no to more turbines or having to deal with subsidy cutbacks at the time of a bruised economy – it was a year of setbacks. However, through the streams of endless articles there was one […]

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Climate Change: Political Poison?

Donald Trump recently stated that ‘the concept of global warming was created by the Chinese’ in order to thwart manufacturing productivity in rival nations. Whilst even the most ardent Climate Change denier would not agree with this statement, one could be forgiven for thinking that Climate Change has recently become a myth to powerful politicians […]

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