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Environmental Management Challenges For Small And Medium Businesses

environmental management challenges for small and medium business

Small to Medium size enterprises (SME’s) the world over are becoming more important as people realise their contribution to employment and the global economy. Many SME’s globally are owners of around 99% of all private sector businesses. They generate substantial income with UK SME’s, for example, generating £ 3 300 billion and its EU counter-part […]

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The Can Or Bottle – A Green Conundrum


Capitalism has lead us on a journey for the disposable. For the sake of convenience an on-the-go market has developed considerably. We buy, consume and throw away many household and on-the-go products. Packaging is considerable and its safe to assume that the invention of waterproof cardboard and plastic has meant for easier access to products. […]

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What Happens To Our Waste? Case Study Of Plastic And Paper


This question has been bugging me for sometime and I am always led to wonder what happens to our waste? Many of us in the UK recycle, it is part of council legislation in most cities and people can potentially be fined for not utilizing or mis-using this facility. In Newcastle upon Tyne, where I […]

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Landfill vs Incineration: Part 2


Denmark is the poster child for incineration. The poster child wants to move away from incineration, what does this say about incinerations green credentials? For most countries landfills are the most common way to deal with MSW. With waste projections expected to reach 2.2billion tons by 2025, much of that will go to landfill, especially […]

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Landfill vs Incineration: Part 1


Sustainability is the ideology interlinking social, economic and environmental pillars with the goal of reducing climate change and improving the health of our one planet and its people. It seeks to create a global structure that promotes equitable growth and benefits while appreciating these pillars are intrinsically connected and that they need to be provided […]

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Unsustainable Household Products And Their Alternatives


The developing nations of the world are slowly moving along the same ‘industrial revolution’ processes as their first world counterparts, in a bid to improve their economic and social status. Countries like China and India tend to provide the widest range of economic growth matched with enormous poverty and class disparities. The under-developed world is […]

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World Cup Stimulates Sustainable Transport in Brazil


Did they even try? This accusation might be levelled at the Brazilian football team following their performance against Germany, or, indeed, it might be levelled at the Brazilian government in their attempt to reduce the environmental impact of the World Cup. Huge organisational challenges, accusations of corruption and allegations of human rights abuses have overshadowed […]

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Ideologies Of The West Meet Ideologies Of The East – Where Sustainability Suffers

Sustainability is the ideology of achieving harmony between social, environmental and economic pillars. It is the idea of making positive change without damaging the potential of the resources we have available for future generations. But how can this really be achieved when consumer capitalism is the method of choice in today’s global society?

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The Missing Bee’s – Banning Of Pesticides Is Still Not In Place


Colony collapse disorder (CCD) has been defined as the mass bee die outs experienced globally from the cumulative effects of pesticides, bee keeping practices, parasites and viruses. The honey bee, Apis mellifera, are now a mass global industry that help pollinate a third of the worlds crops and is estimated to contribute $360 billion to […]

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Sustainable Energy Implementation In South Africa: Solar Energy


South Africa is a country of rugged beauty. Vibrant thunderstorms crisscross the lands undulating landscape. The sun shines more often than not on this multi-cultural rainbow nation. From 1994 South Africa has seen an additional 4 million homes connected to the national grid, and with more advances in technical requirement people in the squatter communities […]

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