WPX Hosting Review: Is WPX The Best WordPress Hosting Choice?

wpx hosting review

In this article we will discuss everything to do with WPX WordPress hosting.

There has been much talk about the speed, features and price when it comes to WPX hosting and we break it all down right here.

We begin by looking at the features, cost and customer support before zoning in on the pros and cons.

Our final say will have you ready to sign up or look elsewhere, so read till the end, because we won’t disappoint.

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Looking for a lightning fast WordPress Host?
WPX Hosting is our #1 choice for speed!

WPX Hosting Review FAQ

Should you use WPX Hosting?

If you are looking for a web host that focuses on speed and performance, then WPX is for you. In fact we 

Their page load times, security and reliability is unparalleled. We rated WPX our #1 Choice as the Fastest WordPress Host.

Some users have boasted on increasing their website speed by up to 100%.

Their customer support is also extremely quick and effective, but if all this is not enough for you then let’s take a look at their pros and cons.





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30 Day Free Trial




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28 Day Auto-backups




What are the Pros & Cons of WPX Hosting?


  • Speed – Page load time is where WPX has a massive competitive advantage. Loading times can be up to 40% faster than their competitors and therefore this is a big pro; also why we’ve decided to list it first. WPX also recommends the use of W3 Total Cache which allows your site to fully utilize the high speed hosting they have on offer.
  • Daily backups – Your website will be backed up daily and these files can be accessed for up to 28 days from within your dashboard. These files are backed up on a separate server which means they are safe if a crash occurs.
  • Staging area – This area allows changes to be made to your website whilst still maintaining the live functionality. The staging area is an offline area that only takes one click to apply changes to your live site.
  • One click WordPress install – WPX have one of the best one-click WordPress install processes. 
  • Free SSL – WPX offer a free SSL certificate with every domain on an account. This literally saves $100s if you use all 5 SSLs with their basic plan.


  • Price – If you are just starting out and only need to host one site, then WPX is comparatively expensive to their competitors. Although they boast great performance, it really only makes sense for webmasters hosting more than one site or who are looking for some decent speed improvements.
  • No starter options – WPX is really aimed at those websites who have a solid amount of traffic and whose sites are quite established. Those starting out and who would like to enjoy the performance WPX has to offer, may not be able to do so because of the cost of their cheapest package being around $20/month

Special Offer

Looking for a lightning fast WordPress Host?
WPX Hosting is our #1 choice for speed!

What hosting plans and features does WPX Hosting offer?

WPX only offer three packages namely their Business, Professional and Elite plans.

The price on these three options are far above any of their WordPress hosting competitors; with their cheapest option, the Business plan coming in at $20.83 per month, their Professional package at $41.58 per month and finally their Elite package at $83.25 per month.

That said, you get many more features with WPX hosting and superior performance. For example, on their Business plan you can host 5 separate sites, and also get a free SSL with each. On a site by site comparison, WPX is therefore very affordable if you plan to host more than 1 site. 

We will compare these three packages in the table below.

What is WPX Hosting's Customer Service like?

The support you can expect with WPX is pretty much as quick as it comes.

Speed is not their only quality, but the team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to web hosting. What this means is that when you have a problem, the support team is just a click away and their expertise will have the problem solved in no time.

The support team is also extremely proficient when it comes to site migration and usually completes a migration in less than 24 hours.

What’s more, they will install and optimize the W3 Total Cache plugin for your website so that the speed is at an optimum.

Special Offer

Looking for a lightning fast WordPress Host?
WPX Hosting is our #1 choice for speed!

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, WPX provides a WordPress hosting solution that is built for speed. They also offer great customer support and security features are second to none.

The real deciding factor is cost. 

If you are just starting out and only looking to host one website, then you will find a better deal with companies like Bluehost or SiteGround.

But if you already have a few websites and are looking for great WordPress hosting performance, WPX is an excellent and affordable solution.

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