New Payment Software Is About to Change The Way We Buy Travel


You’re a small, local tour operator, and you’re stuck. There are all these bigger, more experienced companies that you are trying to compete against. The truth is, small tour operators, kind of have the odds stacked against them.

The bigger companies have more resources and the personnel to interact with customers on a one-on-one basis. You must remember though; those companies weren’t always big. Everyone starts out small, and companies don’t become a success without a lot of work.

Payment Software

Today, everything takes place online. Everything needs to be fast and efficient, and if it’s not, we move on to something that is. No one likes to stay on a site that takes way too long to load.

The same goes for our payments. We want to know that when we pay, it will be secure and won’t end up redirecting us three times, before we can make a payment.

Many people are using PayPal to do all their payments these days. From buying to selling, PayPal provides a secure service – but the fees can be a bit much for the sellers. There are no facilities to collect traveling information, and no options for refunds or payment plans.

WeTravel created payment software with travel operators in mind. It offers everything from collecting traveller information, to booking forms and payment options, that are simple to understand and easy for customers to use.

There are many times when the booking process does not live up to the brand image. People will browse a site and send items to the cart. But once they get to the cart, they decide that they don’t like the layout, or the process, and then they leave.

This is not a problem with WeTravel. The software is very easy to integrate into the booking process that you already have, and you can customize it however you see fit. Now, you’re probably wondering how this is done, and if it’s going to take you days just to understand how the software works.

The wonderful thing about it, is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it.

See how it works.

You know how some booking processes are slow and make you want to pull your hair in frustration? The process is quick and efficient, and extremely secure. What’s more, there is also a booking management feature, that allows the tour operator to handle all payment options – from payment plans, to refunds and discount codes. You can even transfer money from your WeTravel account, directly into your bank account, or to a third-party.

The problem with many payment gateways, is that they don’t always allow for multiple currencies. You could end up losing a lot of customers, simply because your booking process does not accept their currency. This payment software accepts almost any currency, ensuring that you won’t be losing customers for silly reasons.

What This Means for Travel Operators

Now, all of this means that those big travel companies are about to get some serious competition from smaller operators. You see, the big tour operators already have high-tech payment and booking systems, and they have been reaping in the clients and the money, because of it.

WeTravel gives smaller operators the opportunity to even the field. This is a tough market to be in, since you need to be able to provide the dream adventure for these potential travellers. The good news is that people tend to browse a lot of different sites before they choose the operator that they prefer.

This means that you need to have an amazing website design that will compel people to browse. The site needs to be able to draw people in and persuade them to stay and see what you are offering. WeTravel can help with that too. You will be able to create custom trip pages, with embedded checkout options, that will send customers directly to your booking and payment form.

Once you have the perfect website and the right payment software, all you need to do is ensure that potential travellers can find you. Using multiple distribution channels will offer you the greatest reach, to the most customers possible.

Small tour operators now have the perfect recipe to attract, persuade and keep customers. Using WeTravel will allow you to compile and document all your customers’ information, ensuring that you will be able to meet and exceed all their expectations. This, in turn, will foster lasting relationships and ensure that you will get great reviews.

In a nutshell

By providing easy integration of secure booking and payment software, customizable trip pages, embedded checkout, booking management, multiple payment options, and more, WeTravel provides small tour operators the opportunity to compete with larger operators, and perhaps even take a big bite of the market. While this does not equal absolute success, it is an excellent leap in that direction.

Payment software is as important as the website design and should not be overlooked. People tend to leave a site because of absent or unpleasant booking and payment forms. Don’t make this mistake. If you want to be successful in any industry, you need to cater to your target market. Today, most consumers want to be able to buy anything and everything online. If you can provide that facility for potential customers (and provide it well), then you are already halfway to success.

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