How To Be A Good Boss: Boosting Employee Satisfaction


When it comes to bosses, there are only two types – the good ones and the terrible ones.

Whilst the nice bosses will run a dream office, free of back-stabbing politics and buzzing with motivation, the dictator-like ones make work a nightmare for everyone.

Now that you’re running your own business and your workforce is growing every year, can you honestly say you’re doing everything you can to be the best manager possible?

The honest verdict

You might have convinced yourself that your staff love you, but the reality is a bit more painful to swallow.

A recent survey by Approved Index revealed that nearly half of those questioned (42 per cent) have left a job because of a bad boss.

And just to twist the knife even more, 44 per cent actually admitted to hating their boss more than Katie Hopkins (the controversial public figure responsible for some of The Sun’s most ludicrous articles).

What employees want

Don’t be totally disheartened, though.

UK workers may be brutally honest about the things they hate but they’re also pretty forthcoming about the things they like in a boss.

In another survey, they revealed the top three qualities they look for: someone who rewards hard work, is loyal and passionate about what they do.

Knowing these facts means you can work to make sure you’re exactly the kind of manager your employees want and need.

With that in mind, we’re sharing a few top tip and policies that’ll have you winning popularity votes from all the office. Take a look.

#1: Learn to be the best

Putting extra effort into constantly developing your skills and knowledge is a clear sign to everyone that you’re passionate about what you do, that you’re willing to work hard to be the best you can.
Sign up to seminars and training sessions or undertake a distance learning course – with options available in everything from business leadership to data centre management, you’re sure to find something suitable – and remember to share your progress with employees as you go along.

#2: Ask for their opinions

To figure out what will improve the overall mood and atmosphere of your office, ask the people who know best – your employees.

You can hold regular catch-ups, both team and individual ones, but for truly honest feedback and opinions, send out anonymous surveys. Once you’ve got a few of their key points, work out a strategy for addressing them.

#3: Get to know your staff

There’s nothing more painful than the forced fun of a work night out when your team is feeling a little out of tune, but drunken Friday nights aren’t the only way of getting to know your staff or creating a friendly atmosphere.

Structure your office around communication and socialising, with open desks and communal areas, to allow everyone to meet and work together of their own free will – it’ll allow relationships to develop more naturally.

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#4: Offer incentives and rewards

Rewarding your employees for their hard work and successes is proven to be a strong inspirational technique, and there are a variety of different ways of going about it. You can set up a target and incentive scheme, offering vouchers or time off to those who exceed agreed expectations.

But you can also motivate just as powerfully by acknowledging and celebrating achievements, small and large, in email shout outs or individual meetings. So long as you let people know you appreciate their efforts, you’re on the right track.

Ultimately, as the person responsible for making necessary but difficult decisions, people aren’t always going to be happy with you – being a good boss just means learning to effectively manage their feelings.

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