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Betting On Edible Seafood To Face The Sustainability Food Crisis


Alberto Sanchez, his sister Maria and his colleague Sergio Baamonde are young Spanish entrepreneurs who have bet on an edible seaweed sustainable business to have a better future. The trio begun their edible seaweed company a few years ago and continue to produce most of their product by hand (production of the goods, harvesting and […]

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Rocking Volunteering: Interview With Stephen Greene, CEO Of Rockcorps


Ten years ago, seven friends wanted to change the world by motivating young people to take action to address big societal issues. Ten years on, the seven friends have successfully implemented their inspirational concept around the world. It works as follows: Young people volunteer 4 hours of their time on worthy projects and in return […]

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Sustainability And Online Gaming: Playing For Change And Changing The Players


Many stakeholders involved in education and popularization fields use games and online gaming for everyone understands the economic, social and environmental challenges that mankind has to face. Despite of some adverse effects, online gaming is a real opportunity to ensure a sustainability mind-set. Online gaming is an area that shouldn’t be neglected especially regarding teenagers […]

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The Last IPCC Report On Climate Change: No Panic?


Late March 2014, a report has been released following the meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Japan. Tackling climate change effects is still possible but without some efforts it would be more difficult than ever. We are used to hearing that climate change is happening. Stakeholders repeat that we must do […]

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