InMotion Hosting Review: Is This The Hosting Service For You?

inmotion hosting review

If you’d like to know more about InMotion's shared hosting plans, then look no further.

This article reveals all details regarding their shared hosting offerings. 

We begin with a few pros and cons, before covering the plans, their customer service and wrapping up with our final verdict.

Let's get straight into it.

InMotion Review FAQ

Should you use InMotion?

If you are looking to get your money's worth from a host, then InMotion hosting is for you. With great reliability, speed and very few up-sells; InMotion Hosting received our Most Trusted Shared Hosting award recently. Let's look deeper with a few pros and cons.

What are the Pros & Cons of InMotion?


  • Free site migration – Inmotion will perform your site migration from your current host to their service without any downtime. This is great as users don’t have to wait to access your website while you find your hosting solution.
  • Free website backup – InMotion provide daily automatic backups to websites which are under 10GB. They also offer 1 free backup retrieval; every 4 months. If you however need to restore your website more frequently in a 4 month period, then this will cost you $49 per restore.
  • Max speed zoneInMotion boasts several data centres around the US and therefore recommend for users to select the centre which is closest to them. The reasoning behind this is for users to enjoy what they call their “max speed zones”. The premise is that if you are within a certain distance from one of their data centres, your website and email will be at an optimum, which in some cases can run up to 6 times faster.
  • Not many upsellsUnlike many of its competitors, InMotion limits the amount of upsells. This is good for two reasons, firstly you don’t have to keep on spending money on necessary add-ons and secondly, because the package includes many of the apps needed, they are easily optimized for your website.
  • Web design serviceInMotion also offer a web design service where they design a WordPress site for you with all the related content you’ve given. This process is simple and completed in just 4 steps. The web design service includes your first years’ hosting fee and Woocommerce.


  • PriceInMotion have priced themselves slightly higher than their competitors and as much as they may have some advantages, so do other hosting companies. If their plan is exactly what you need for your website however, then it’s a great option that is well worth the money.
  • Database and website limitationsThe number of databases and amount of websites you can host are limited, this is to provide a faster service. This is only a con if you would like more access to databases and websites, however if you would just like to create 2 websites or something like that, then this doesn’t apply to you. Those that would like slightly more wiggle room with regards to databases and number of sites should compare InMotions offerings to their competitors.

What hosting plans and features does InMotion offer?

InMotion has three shared hosting plans. These plans are the Launch, Power and Pro plans.

The Launch plan is offered at $6.39 per month and aims to service those who are starting out. This plans’ features follow suit by only being able to host 2 websites, limiting the parked domains to 6 and the sub domains to 25 and not providing E-commerce functionality upon setup.

The Power plan aims to service those with a bit more experience. This plan is able to host up to 6 websites, 26 parked domains and up to 100 sub domains. For just $8.49 per month the power plan is perfect for those who run several sites but do not need access to unlimited services.

The Pro plan allows users to host an unlimited number of websites, unlimited parked and sub domains. This package also upgrades your support to what they call “pro level” and boasts unlimited MySQL databases. A mere $14.71 per month will allow access to all these features and more.

Let’s take a look at the table below to see a summary of these three packages.





Free Domain




Number of websites




Free SSL & SSD








Unlimited email




Free site transfer




What is InMotion's Customer Service like?

Customer service is something that InMotion are proud of, and take every opportunity to state in their marketing too.

This says something very important, it says that their view on customer relations is very high on their priority list and therefore they aim to not only service your hosting needs, but also make your hosting experience as smooth as possible.

InMotion provide an extensive online support archive. This archive focuses on self-help and in addition, they’ve included a community chat surrounding common topics This chat thread allows for their community of users to exchange solutions to common problems as well as another line for staff to offer support.

InMotion offer a variety of support other than self-help and community threads. They boast a ticket system, email, phone, skype and online chat support and these are said to be US- based. The support staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to common problems, and if the issue is outside of their scope, they will be quick to direct you to someone who will know the solution. 

Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a shared hosting package which will provide great performance, offer great functionality and keep the up-sells to a minimum, then InMotion hosting is for you.

If the price is of concern; the fact that there are such few up-sells to get the functionality you want should set you at ease. Other services increase the price by requiring you to purchase apps and plugins.

InMotion is a host who really cares about their users, this can be seen from the included features to their customer service. They view your overall experience as important, which we think is really great and thus our final takeaway.

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