Wrike Review – Is The Software Up For the Challenges Of 2018?


Since Wrike Software was founded in 2006, a lot has changed and evolved – software itself didn’t collect dust sitting on the shelf but kept progressing with the time of the tech revolution.

Ever since, Wrike has learned from over 12,000 companies using it regularly. Since knowledge is power, the company utilized it very well by introducing a number of new features we would like to review in this article.

About Wrike

To give you a little bit of a background, we’ve already looked at this project management software two years ago, you can find the outline for the software here.

But since there have been some overall positive changes, we decided there is a need for a more in-depth review of the novelties introduced to the software.

Online-based, Wrike is a very modern project management tool that helps corporate teams save time on meetings and use it to generate sales instead. It is especially helpful when a number of participants in a project are scattered across multiple offices or, in tune with a gig economy, are based remotely.

But it is the customization of its dashboards so that each dashboard is suitable for a particular brief, we believe, that makes Wrike so successful in this rather noisy software market.

Additionally, its multi-language feature is something many you can rely on, when work is completed internationally.

Wrike’s marketing solution deserves its own review, but in short, anybody running in-house marketing or works at a marketing agency knows the pain of getting all the collateral designed and approved. This set of features takes that pain away and works almost as easily as Facebook image commenting – simply share your thoughts and easily move on with your work day!

How much does it cost?

With five comprehensive plans and a fee trial, the costs accommodate the size and turnover of your organisation.

There is a free package worth checking out, albeit with a limited number of features available. If you are a project manager and would like to give it a try, then the Professional package could be a good start – get your team sign up for under $10 per month and see if you’d be willing to promote it to your wider organisation to get a lot more out of this powerful tool with a customized Enterprise package.

Our verdict

To cut to the chase, after comparing a number of similar project management software products on the market from ASANA and TimeHero, to Trello we awarded Wrike 8.5/10, the highest mark any such software received from Sustainable Business Toolkit review team, accounting mainly for the learning curve that any software requires before it becomes a second nature to your staff.


Based online, this software can be accessed via multiple devices and in various locations. What else does 21st century company truly need?

Time saving rate

One of the major concerns of a modern day business is time that employees and remote workers spend on administrative tasks like emails and chasing deliverables, planning and executing projects, as well as keeping track of who is meant to do or approve what.

According to one of corporate studies, in almost all medium to large size organisations creative minds spend much more time on emails than on ‘creating’ and driving the sales upward. How absurd is that?

But by sharing massive files easily and tracking work progress they can eliminate the need for any chasing and ‘project management’.

We love the openness of the software – anybody with access to your task group can see who is working on what and when the jobs will be completed. It not only saves time, but also mental space of senior managers who don’t have to worry about meeting their deadlines.

Pros and cons


  • Very affordable and powerful
  • Good customer support
  • Great mobile app
  • All interactions and updates are available in real time
  • Straightforward interface


  • Takes time to update projects
  • Limitation with the required minimum of 5 users

Classic and new features with their benefits

Having tried this app, we actually feel it could deliver on its promise to help a business to grow and organize.

Have a look at our summary of its main and new features that might save your team a lot of effort and time:

Classic features

  • Stats made some much easier and quicker with interactive reporting
  • Overview of streaming activity like in Facebook
  • Visualizing plans made easy with Gantt charts
  • Manage your team’s time through workload overview
  • Coordinate multiple departments
  • Plan a whole workload
  • Never forget a task without cluttering your calendar with automated reminders
  • Stay on top of your budget with Project Budget and Estimation
  • Save your management’s time on performance reviews with Performance Reports

New features that we find the most useful

  • Updated integration with Microsoft Teams through direct permalinks to tasks
  • Very visually appealing and customizable dashboards
  • Integrated search all files and project tasks are searchable in one place
  • Automated assignment of some tasks
  • Reporting through mobile app
  • Integration with Gmail

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