Workplace Fires: 5 Top Safety Tips For Avoiding A Disaster


There aren’t many nightmare situations in life worse than discovering a blaze has devastated your business.

But even once you recover from the initial shock and ensure that no one was hurt in the accident, the stress won’t suddenly stop there.

The effects of a fire can carry on being felt for years afterwards – and we’re not just talking about the financial struggle to get everything back up and running again.

Our biggest concern is the environmental impact a major fire can have on its surrounding area, from the destruction of nearby landmarks and green spaces to the water and air pollution left behind by out-of-control flames.

So that your business never finds itself at the centre of an environmental disaster, we’re sharing five safety tips that’ll reduce the risk of a workplace fire breaking out. Take a look.

#1: Take care of all your legal responsibilities

Fire safety is highly regulated and there are several boxes you need to tick to legally protect your business. That includes regular risk assessments, effective alarm systems and clearly defined emergency exit plans, amongst several other things.

If you’re concerned your workplace might not meet requirements, your local council or fire and rescue authority should be able to offer free advice and guidance on the essential improvements that need to be made.

#2: Invest in fire safety measures

Emergency lights, hi-tech alarms, extinguishers, sprinklers – there are a ton of fire safety measures designed to keep your staff safe should the worst happen. The exact mix of tactics you’ll need will depend on the nature of your business.

So if you’re a manufacturer dealing with hazardous chemicals, you’ll find Durasteel blast resistance systems useful. There are also many companies specializing in fire protection that utilize advanced solutions for fire protection, regardless of your industry. These companies can help you determine the best combination of measures and technologies to safeguard your workplace. Regardless, to guarantee you invest in the right level of protection, take your time researching the different suppliers and options available.

#3: Maintain electrical equipment

All those computers, printers and telephones you rely on to keep your office running have the potential to start an electrical fire if they’re not properly cared for and maintained.

As well as sticking to general safety rules (like not overloading sockets and unplugging equipment that’s not in use) you can also hire experts to carry out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) checks. They’ll quickly point out any possible faults or dangers.

#4: Keep on top of housekeeping

Failing to stay on top of housekeeping isn’t good for industrial hygiene or fire safety. Piles of paperwork, overflowing bins and dust can all end up obstructing emergency exits or acting as fuel to any flames that break out. Keep everywhere clean and tidy to stop dangerous combustibles piling up.

This is especially true if you work with flammable materials or gasses. Always follow the instructions regarding safe storage and separation of those kinds of resources.

#5: Give your staff proper training

Last but not least, reinforce the importance of fire safety by giving your staff comprehensive training on handling and minimising risks, raising the alarm and responding to emergencies.

Have you got any other top workplace fire safety tips we didn’t include? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Ramos says June 20, 2017

Providing updated fire safety measures can save lots of people. Investing on fire alarms and sprinkles can do a big help when emergencies happen. Educate also your employee on what to do when such emergencies happen.

Leviticus Bennett says December 14, 2019

Ah, it’s good to know that I’ll need a mix of different fire safety measures depending on what kind of business I run. As it so happens, my brother wants to start a business next year. I’ll show him this article to help get him on track for being 100% fire safe.

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