Working From Home Sustainability Tips – 9 EASY Ways to Go Green!

Working from home offers tons of sustainability benefits.

Remote employees usually have smaller carbon footprints because they don't have to commute.

Fortunately, there are many more opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment while working from home.

Below are 9 easy working from home sustainability tips. And check out the special sale for our readers below! 

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9 Working from Home Sustainability Tips

1. Use Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

According to the EPA, the average office worker generates about 2 pounds of waste every day. Fortunately, eco-friendly office supplies can help! 

Paperless Notebooks

Our readers like using paperless notebooks. Rocketbook is a great brand and bestseller on Amazon. 

It looks and feels like a regular notebook but is erasable and reusable.

Rocketbook Notebook - Working From Home Sustainability Tips

It comes in a variety of different colors and styles. You can customize it to fit your needs!

Working From Home Sustainability Tips

It is easy to use and stores your notes digitally. Perfect for your home office! Check out all of the positive reviews on Amazon.

Pens Made from Recycled Plastic

A good pen is essential for any office worker. However, throwing away plastic pens can harm the environment. 

Pens made from recycled materials are a more sustainable choice.

Recycled Pens

2. Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat 2 degrees up in the summer and 2 degrees down in the winter can save up to 2,000lbs of carbon dioxide per year!

Alternatively, you could use an energy efficient thermostat that conserves energy automatically. 

For example, the Nest Thermostat programs itself to save energy. Thousands of people have used it to save you money and help the environment!

Nest Thermostat - Energy Efficient Device - Working From Home Sustainability Tips

3. Unplug Devices to Reduce Vampire Energy 

Electronic devices use energy when they are plugged in but aren't being used. This is called "Vampire Energy". 

Vampire Energy increases your electricity bill and puts unnecessary stress on the environment. 

To improve sustainability while working from home, unplug devices that aren't in use.

For example, unplug your cell phone, laptop, coffee machine, microwave or television when you aren't using them.

4. Automate Your Energy Savings

Automatically save energy by using smart plugs. Smart plugs turn off lights, fans, and appliances automatically.

Kasa Smart Power Strip - Working From Home Sustainability Tips

5. Switch to Inexpensive Renewable Energy 

You can easily use solar at home with a solar portable power station. Solar portable power stations collect sunlight from a small solar panel to charge your devices. 

They are small (about 4lbs) and cost a lot less than traditional solar panels. There are lots of positive reviews on Amazon. 

Jackery 160 Solar Power Station - Working From Home Sustainability Tips

6. Use Energy-Efficient Lights

Replace traditional light bulbs with LED lights or lights that use solar power. 

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs - Available on Amazon

7. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Open your blinds and shades to take advantage of natural light during the day. 

You might be suprised by how much energy this saves.

8. Recycle and Compost as Much as Possible

Recycle paper and cardboard to divert it from landfills and use small, odorless compost bins for scraps. 

9. Decrease the Brightness on Your Computer Monitor

Go Green by Decreasing the Brightness on Your Computer Monitor - Picture of computer monitor with brightness symbol

Finally, reducing the brightness on your computer monitor can save up to 20% of the monitor's energy. Less energy equals less strain on the environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is switching to sustainable products expensive?

No, switching to sustainable products doesn't have to be expensive. There are plenty of low cost items such as LED light bulbs, small polar panels, paperless notebooks, and pens made from recycled plastic.

2. What are some easy ways to go green while working from home?

Unplug devices to reduce vampire energy, install smart plugs to automatically turn off devices and appliances, turn down your thermostat, and decrease the brightness on your computer monitor. 

3. Will remote work reduce my career choices?

With the rise of video conferencing and more accessible high-speed internet, a lot of jobs can be completed from home and employers are more likely to offer work from home or hybrid schedules. 

4. Is working from home really better for the environment?

Yes, eliminating your commute saves tons of natural resources and reduces pollution. Plus, you can double the impact by making sustainable choices and using ecofriendly products at home. 

5. Can working remotely save money?

Yes, working remotely can save money by spending less on gas, car maintenance, office clothes, and shoes. 

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