Clever Ways Your Business Can Go Green


As a business, you have a responsibility to pay attention to the environment and proactively take action that’s going to make this a better world for all to live in.

Your corporate social responsibility is important, and customers want to know you’re doing your part.

Take some time to brainstorm various ways you can go green and start helping to save the planet today.

Use the following ideas to get you heading on the right path and thinking more about how you can contribute to enhancing the workplace by focusing in on sustainability.

Your employees and customers will be happier, and your business will get the attention it deserves when you concentrate on this very important matter.

Order Food from Sustainable Businesses

Companies order out food for their employees and meetings all the time.

Instead of getting your meal from the same place, do some research and give business to those restaurants that are proactively fighting for the environment and serving natural foods from local areas.

Help each other out on this issue by supporting one another in your endeavours.

The food will likely taste better and be more nutritious than if you were to order out from any other random restaurant.

Purchase Equipment that doesn’t Harm the Environment

Get with your purchasing team and start ordering supplies and equipment that doesn’t hurt the environment or cause more problems in the world.

You may need to crunch the numbers and budget appropriately to figure out from a financial standpoint what you can afford using one of the many financial calculators out there.

This type of equipment exists, but you may need to dig a little deeper to find the right pieces and invest more of your money.

Adopt More Technology Solutions & Do Less Printing

Use technology to help you work efficiently and be more productive.

Encourage your employees to take notes on their laptops and use file sharing applications instead of printing out and wasting paper.

Remove some of the printers and paper, so you’re constantly reminding employees to think twice before they hit the print button.

Implementing technology solutions will not only help the environment, but you’ll also be able to do more with your business like focus on innovation.

Start An Office Carpool or Cycle to Work Programme

Another great way your business can go green and show you care about the environment is to start an office carpool or cycle to work program. This way people will be driving fewer cars, and you’ll be reducing pollution and saving gas all at the same time.

It’s also a good way for people to meet one another and get to know others from different departments.

In order for this idea to work, the message has to be loud and clear from the top down, and members of leadership will need to participate too.


Going green isn’t simply an idea anymore, it’s a reality that many businesses are getting behind and you should too.

Think of it as a challenge and get your employees excited about succeeding at finding additional ways to run a more sustainable business.

Let others know what you’re up to and start a conversation around the topic to help spread the word to other companies who may want to get involved.

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