6 Water Saving Tips and Devices Anyone Can Use

Saving water is important way to protect our planet. Water is a finite resource. Only 1% of freshwater is usable. 

We must take steps to preserve water and protect our environment. For instance, water conservation sustains important ecosystems, provides energy savings, and reduces the impact of droughts. By preserving water, we reduce energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to a healthier society. 

Here are 5 water saving tips and devices that anyone can use - whether at home or at work. 

5 Water Saving Tips and Devices

1. Take Shorter Showers

This first item on our water saving tips list is the most obvious. The shorter showers you take, the less water you use!

But don't worry, taking shorter showers doesn't have to be hard! Spending one less minute in the shower every day can save 720 gallons of water per year!

That is a significant difference, and it doesn't require any time or energy. Plus, you will save money on your water bill. It is a win-win! 

2. Use a Water Saving Shower Head

If taking shorter showers isn't possible, try purchasing a water saving shower head. Most models are budget-friendly and have excellent water pressure. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for water savings! Check out some of the options below and choose one thar is right for you. 

AcquaCare High Pressure Water Saving Shower Head

Water Saving Tips - High Pressure Shower Head from AcquaCare

Bestseller with thousands of positive reviews! Our readers love that it is budget-friendly and easy to install. Plus, the water pressure is spectacular! 

It has two modes and installs in minutes without any tools. 

SparkPod Rainfall Luxury Water Saving Shower Head

Enjoy a luxury water saving rainfall shower head for a tenth of the price! 

This model is certified Climate Pledge Friendly by Amazon and comes in 15 different color choices.

Enjoy your shower, save money, and help the planet!

3. Use Automatic Faucet Sensors

Automatic faucet sensors turn off the water automatically when someone pulls their hands away from the sink. They can result in up to a 70% savings in water! 

Furthermore, they are easy to install. The sensor below hooks on to your faucet directly and doesn't require any tools or the use of a plumber. 

Water Saving Faucet Accessory

It fits on to virtually any faucet and is a great water saving device for at home or in your business. 

Water Saving Faucet Accessory

4. Use a Dual Flush Toilet

Did you know that dual flush toilets can save between 8,000 and 20,000 gallons of water per year? Here is how it works.

Dual flush toilets have two flushing options, a half-flush and a full-flush. Rather than emptying the entire container, half-flushes use less water but still get the job done. Plus, the newer models are designed to continuously keep the toilet bowl clean while saving lots of water. 

Dual flush toilets allow you to save water every day without any effort. Plus, they keep your water bill low which save you money. 

I always appreciate homes, businesses, and hotels that have made the simple change to choose dual flush toilets. They really make a difference! Here are some photos from a recent trip. 

Luckily, they are easy to buy and use in your home or business!

You can purchase them on Amazon for a good price. Here is an example of one that our readers have bought before that has incredible reviews. 

5. Try Rainwater Harvesting with a Rainwater Barrel

Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts, and stores water for later use. It has many uses including, homesteading, gardening, lawn care, and general water preservation.

It is an eco-friendly process that conserves resources and can save you money.

Below are some great options for rainwater barrels at home or at your place of business. 

Eco-Friendly Rain Barrel Made of 100% Recycled Plastic

This rain barrel is made of recycled plastic and can hold 50 gallons worth of water.

It can fit under any gutter and has a flat back so it sits flush against the wall. 

Classy and Stylish Nantucket Rain Barrel

Your rainwater barrel doesn't have to look stick out like a sore thumb. Try this stylish Nantucket rain barrel that will blend in anywhere!

6. Post Water Saving Tips in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Finally, you can print out water-saving tips and instructions and hang them up in the bathrooms. The one below is an excellent choice. 

A faucet

They are most helpful if they are above the sink where people can look at them directly when washing their hands. 

This tip doesn't require any money and can make a big difference at home or in the office. 

What water saving tips are using? Let us know in the comments below! 

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