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Typeform is a Barcelona-based piece of software that is firmly with the times.

It is a platform that is able to enhance communication via screens, allowing close and conversational-style interaction online while collecting purposeful information from respondents.

From quizzes to online order forms to customer satisfaction surveys, like the Net Promoter Score, there’s a typeform for everyone – and a lot to be learned from them.

Our verdict – 9/10

Overall, we’ve given Typeform a strong 9/10 for its sheer creativity and flexibility. The application is ideal for small business owners as it’s easy to understand and quick to complete your tasks; the drag-and-drop form design option makes the process simple to master.

The software is great news for those on a tight budget too as you can create as many forms as you wish for free and can design your own unique template with this cost-effective version. For those wanting more flexibility, you can upgrade to Typeform Pro too and really tailor your forms. As well as this, Typeform offers a much-needed free API which, in a nutshell, allows other apps to interact with your form. Typeform also offers question and answer piping, making your form much more interactive and personal as answers from previous questions can later be integrated – or “piped” – into questions. Perhaps the best thing about Typeform is the aesthetically pleasing design that you can play around with and have complete autonomy over.


  1. The cost (or lack of) is definitely a pro when it comes to Typeform. A large portion of the site’s USP is available for free and so it is definitely software worth using.
  2. The style of Typeform is so unique and refreshing, responders are sure to feel more at ease when answering questions. Because of this, you’ll probably get more accurate and detailed responses to questions.
  3. The support team at Typeform are incredibly knowledgeable and are happy to help. If you have any problems, they’ll explain what you need and even point you in the direction of tutorial videos to aid your form-building skills.


  1. Typeform is a great platform for small businesses but if your business outgrows the software, you may need to find another form-builder.
  2. Responders cannot save a survey and go back to it later – they have to complete it all when they click the link which may be a barrier for some responders and companies, depending on the demographic you are aiming to reach.

An in-depth look

Typeform is a nifty tool for businesses looking to gain information on their products, their customer and staff satisfaction and for market research. As it’s quick and easy to use, this software is especially great for modern working life in which we are all busy and creating a lengthy survey just doesn’t seem like we’re making the most of our time. Pitted against other survey services, Typeform is a much easier and more unique approach to the art of information gathering – and it’s not just because of the features it offers.

Just by visiting the Typeform website, you can see that there is an inspired creativity there as the designs and colours and interactive opportunities on the home page give off an amazing first impression. It is colourful, minimalistic and on-trend for the image businesses really need to promote: that they are trendy yet sophisticated. The style of a Typeform survey or form is the key distinguishing feature between this software and other online survey services. Nowhere else can you intimately design and phrase questions to be so conversational, ultimately enticing the honesty from responders that you as a business are trying to get. Interaction is at the heart of modern business and the Internet is a way of tapping into that. Unlike most other software, Typeform recognises this and uses it to its advantage.

Although responders aren’t able to save their survey and return back to it later, this negative of Typeform is very minor and, in perspective, isn’t really an issue at all. Chances are, if you’re looking at a conversational style survey or form, you won’t be asking fifty questions. Instead, there will be key questions that need answering and so there shouldn’t really be a need for participants to ‘pause’ their responses. This minor problem compared to the benefits of Typeform that include free API and question and answer piping really is minor and doesn’t, on the whole, detract from this software’s stellar performance.

Main features

  • Free API and question and answering piping.
  • 10 free fields per typeform.
  • Typeform is available in many languages, including English, Spanish, Catalan, Mandarin, French, German, Turkish, Russian and many more.
  • E-mail notifications are given to you as and when needed.
  • E-mail support and tutorial videos for using the software if you need some extra support.
  • If you are on the Typeform Pro plan, you are entitled to unlimited responses (if on the Basic plan, you can harvest 100 per month).
  • On the Pro plan, you can send customised, automatic e-mail notifications to respondents.
  • Using the Pro plan, you are entitled to conditional logic. This means that the respondents’ answers will be taken into account in real time and based on their answers; they will be given different, tailored questions and guided through the survey.
  • If you use Pro+, you are able to collaborate with your colleagues on building your form and tailoring it to your target audience.
  • Using the Pro+ plan, you get priority support from the help team and are always at the front of the queue.
  • Another feature of Pro+ is the ability to redirect responders to a custom URL once they have completed the form, providing more traffic to one of your own sites.


The Basic Typeform plan is free; the Typeform Pro plan is £24 per month; the Typeform Pro+ plan starts at £46 per month. With each upgrade comes increased data usage and more advanced features, as stated above.

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