Top 10 Green Companies 2014 Continued



Belu started as a simple idea – that there was a better way to do business by reducing environmental impact and using all profits to fund clean water projects.

Belu use the highest level of recycled materials possible and are 100% carbon neutral. Any emissions they can’t remove they offset.

The company doesn’t export their products and questions why anyone would ever want to drink imported water. Belu are an exclusive partner of the water charity, Water Aid, and give all profits to them.


ecovativeEcovative Design

Ecovative’s environmentally responsible products aim to replace materials ranging from petroleum based expanded plastics (like Styrofoam™) to particle board made using carcinogenic formaldehyde. Ecovative’s materials are 100% renewable, and primarily made from agricultural by-products.

Using natural principles and radical new technologies, the company are growing the future of high performance, affordable, and environmentally sensible materials.


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