Tips To Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy


In any company, it is essential to recognise the importance of employee wellbeing.

Ensuring your staff are happy and healthy goes a long way towards creating a positive work environment, which in turn, aids productivity and staff retention. Therefore, it’s important to recognise signs when staff are feeling overworked, under pressure or generally, in a low mood.

Read on to discover a few simple steps that you or your managers can take to check on staff’s physical and mental health and thus, improve your employees’ wellbeing.

Quit the habits

One of the best ways to encourage better health throughout your office is to offer group schemes or other incentives to your staff which can help them kick any bad habits.

An example of this is to suggest that your staff take part in a group activity, such as a charity fundraising run, which is not only a great health boost but is also for a good cause. You could also encourage staff who smoke to quit by offering free nicotine patches.

Kicking a bad habit in a group is much easier than trying to do it alone, as peers will be able to offer support and encouragement. Therefore, promoting a plan like this at work is a perfect way to help improve employee retention and wellness.


Keeping the office clean will not only help to keep germs and illnesses at bay, but a clutter free office will also help promote a stress free working environment.

In a fast-paced office, having a professional cleaner is the best way to keep your office spotless. This is due to the fact that little things can often be overlooked or forgotten when all of your staff are busily working away.

However, changing little things such as keeping hand sanitiser or antibacterial wipes readily available can also help to kill off lingering germs.

Make employees feel valued

Create a caring culture in your office, which praises good work when deserved rather than punishing staff when you feel they have done something wrong, helps to keep employees happy and motivated.

Spending time getting to the root cause of a mistake is much more beneficial in the workplace, as it will prevent creation of a hostile environment. As well as this it can help to ensure the same mistake is never made twice.

Add some greenery

Placing plants in your office will benefit your employees in many ways. Adding greenery to the room can help lessen the feeling of being trapped behind a desk, which can consequently improve the mood and reduce workplace stress.

Not only will plants brighten up your office, but they will noticeably freshen the air in the room, helping to keep employees alert and positively impacting productivity.

The above tips are a great way to start looking out for your employees, but it is best to ensure workplace wellness practices are fully embedded into your corporate strategy. An employee well-being specialist such as Health Assured, can assist you with this.

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