Taking Steps To Improve Energy Efficiency In The Workplace

Taking Steps To Improve Energy Efficiency In The Workplace

Heating the workplace is a huge expense to many industrial buildings including schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings. It is necessary to find the most efficient ways to heat these places. Thermofilm Australia is a company that prides themselves on developing, manufacturing and installing superior energy efficient heaters to make staying warm more economical in these large areas.

Radiant heating panels

Thermofilm produces Heatstar radiant heating panels that supply heat to these large areas at a fraction of the cost of normal circulating heaters. These radiant heating panels offer some excellent benefits over the old-fashioned heaters:

  • Supplies radiant heat to the room which actually allows the heat to be absorbed by the people in the room much like the sun does.
  • Does not use air to spread the heat, so dust doesn’t get moved around which is great for people with allergies and asthma.
  • The panels don’t produce any fumes which some people react violently to.
  • The heating system is completely quiet.

Energy efficient heaters

If you compare these heating units to air circulating heaters that utilize fans, the expense is about ¼ the cost of the air units. That would amount to considerable savings in large commercial areas. The units also have automatic temperature shut-offs for safety and they are created with non-flammable components. The units are designed to be tamper proof so they are suitable for any areas that are high in public traffic. There is a specially designed bracket for the particular type of application.


Heatstar panels are sleek looking white panels that mount on the ceiling or wall. They look like a light fixture on the ceiling. They run off a 230-240 Volts. They are available in 5 different models depending on size of area and type of installation. They do get hot when they are running so they are intended to be installed out of reach of people. They also should be installed at least 1 meter away from anything that can catch on fire, for example curtains. The units carry a 2 year replacement warranty as long as you retain your receipt. For specific installation instructions, please visit the Thermofilm website.

Thermofilm Australia

This company has been manufacturing energy efficient heaters for over 20 years. They produce heaters for external and internal use for both residential and commercial applications. In 2013, the company was awarded the highly regarded Australian Business Award for Product Value for another one of state of the art products. Their headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Melbourne, Australia. They ship their products all over the world including Europe, United States, New Zealand, Canada and Asia.

Concerned about environmental impact

They pride themselves on being industry leaders as far as the environmental impact of their products. They strive to have most of their products recyclable as well as their packaging. They also strive on continuing to produce energy efficient products which will continue to positively affect the world wide consumption of energy. They are constantly utilizing their full team of engineers to create more energy efficient products that will benefit the world, for generations to come.

Thermofilm Australia is a quality company that engineers, builds, and supplies energy efficient heaters to all parts of the world. Their heaters can be installed commercially which will save businesses considerable amounts of money in the long run. In this day and age, improving energy efficiency in the workplace has become a priority. Choosing energy efficient heaters for example, is a positive step in the right direction. Not only are you effectively reducing your impact on the environment, you are simultaneously reducing your energy bill. A win-win situation.

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