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Pursuit Of The Sustainable, Smart City

Smart phones have not only taken over the sphere of mobile technology but also that of personal computers in general, as increasingly we are shopping, researching and communicating from the palm of our hands. Now smart homes and smart offices are being whispered about as we strive for quicker, more efficient, and more sustainable technology. […]

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The Famagusta Eco City Project – Design Studio Session: Brave Steps Towards A Sustainable Future


Earlier this month (January 2014), an innovative project was carried out regarding Cyprus’ ghost city of Varosha, which has been uninhabited and untouched for the last forty years. With environmental sustainability in mind, around 100 participants were presented with the challenge of coming up with ideas and potential plans for what the city could become […]

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The Smart City: Using Technology To Reduce Congestion In London

Imagine a city with no traffic at all. You wouldn’t have to get up at 6.30 and skip breakfast. You wouldn’t have to shave or put on your make-up while you sit in an hour and a half of traffic, hoping that there won’t be any further unexpected delays. Instead you roll out of bed […]

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