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Green Marketing Strategy – How To Communicate Your Green Credentials Like A Pro

Green Marketing Strategy

Nowadays your environmental credentials can be a strong communicator of your brand and a unique selling point. If you are planning or already going green at work then a green marketing strategy is key! Without one you risk losing out on important opportunities to impressive your customers and prospects. The truth is many companies fail […]

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Short Guide: What Is Greenwashing And How To Avoid It


Ever heard of the phrase greenwash? Do you communicate your green credentials to customers and prospects? If so you should be aware of the reputation costs of getting your communications wrong because of real or perceived greenwash. In this short guide we explain what greenwash is and how you can avoid it. What is greenwash? […]

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Green Awards And Certifications – Which Is Right For Your Business?

Green Awards And Certifications

Ever thought about getting certified for your environmental efforts. If so you might have done some research and discovered that there are loads of various types of green awards and certifications on the market. Being able to achieve a green award or green certification is useful as you can use it to confidently promote your […]

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Green Marketing Is A Hard Sell!


Most consumers aren’t willing to pay a premium for an ‘environmentally-friendly’ product or service. Despite the efforts of companies over the past two decades to sell the environmental benefits of their green offerings, very few have made inroads without a price or quality advantage. Those that have been successful are either companies that are green […]

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8 Green Marketing Tips To Help Communicate Your Green Credentials Effectively

According to a study by Edelman, ‘73% of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause’. Nowadays consumers are more familiar with various social issues that impact the quality of their lives. As a result it should come with no surprise that there has been a 33% increase […]

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